For a long time, parents have not been giving proper time to their children, till yet. Our parents always used to say, that we are not following the moral values of our life; not following our family traditions values and cultural activities. Either, we have no time or we can say, we are not taking any interest to teach our children and this mistake we often seen, in our society.     

Real Meaning: –

 in our society the real meaning of moral values is, building block of our life. Moral value refers to set a principle that guide an individual on how to evaluate between right and wrong. As a human being, we have to follow some rules of the nature’s, these rules help us to decide. what is right and what is wrong. Rules are our life limit; hence it should be strong enough and we should strictly follow them.

Kind of Moral Values: – In moral value the main thing is honesty, calmness, keep passions, punctuality, cleanliness, always give respect to others and be helpful ever.

Moral Values in current time: –

Moral Values in current time
We often see that kids are directly disobeying their parents, in front of anyone. it has become a fashion that they don’t like their father, mother, uncle means they don’t take interest in their parents, it’s pretty.

Often daughter in law or son in law, insults the Mom Dad and senior relatives.

Convince to adopt the Moral Values: –

We must have to teach our children as a teacher or parent the importance of moral values. we should always tell them nice interesting moral story they must give respect to their parents, teachers and elders.

  “Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it”


         “Right is right, even if no one is doing it”

“If you are focus on results you will never change.”

        “If you focus on change, you will get result”

Spend time with your children, and motive them: – In childhood of our kids we provide our kids (in the age of 1- or 2-years) Mobile, Tab, Headphone, Laptop etc. 

in beginning definitely they will get enjoy it due to its slide activities, videos, pictures and sounds but slowly child deprive with the parent and they become used to be these things. Even we can’t get back those things with they are holding in their hands.


animated ideological story, videos story-based movies regarding moral values. Scolled them whenever they are doing wrong, teach them, and most important thing don’t provide them in underage expensive electronic gadgets are anything else.

Let’s talk about today’s youth and old age person’s thought: – From what I have said above, you

 must have understood that the above-mentioned values ​​are largely due to the ‘abolish’ of the moral values ​​in our today society. But by counting the mistakes of our elders, our mistakes do not get reduced. If they have made even minor flaws or mistakes, nevertheless we should respect them by overclocking them and always include them in each of our life activity and planning.

 Moral Values regarding our parent: – Parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, etc. give full respect to all people. On seeing this, your children will also learn the same things, from you and you will be followed and respect by them.

 The child remains in the mother’s womb for 9 months, when she is somewhat self-reliant, a mother does it for her child from around 9 to 10 years of their age.   Whatever she thinks regarding your welfare, that no one can do like that even God in this world. In our whole life the place of Mom and Dad, comes before even God. Do you know when you Did not know, when you not even understand your own good and bad things and could not even protect yourself, means from birth till 5 years, only mother(parent) used to stand against every grief and suffering as a wall. Should humans even look at the animal, many times we have seen that a deer or a cow to protect their child from a lion, they attack. So carefully think over it those parents, who have done (sacrifices) so much for you, so it is also your duty that you take full care of them and respect them in the end of their life.

As age increases their mind and body gradually getting older and older in such a situation, we should keep such behavior that they do not realize these shortcomings at all till you assimilate the moral value. So how will you make your children to follow this,

 In the perspective of society – First of all, remove negative thinking completely from your mind. There is both, a good and an evil, in every person. Always see his goodness and ‘remember that’ it will make your mind towards that person always clean and its Per negative thinking relevant to your friend, will not take birth.

Adopt Moral Value in your blood: – Respecting the elders should love the little ones, always be ready to help everyone. The poor should also get helped by you, according to your ability. If the poor are very good scorer in academics, then definitely by you or anyone, should help them. One must take time to go to the old age home, orphan age homes and spend time with them, share their sorrows motive them.  If in this time if I discuss over each point of Moral values, then this topic will never be finished in this space.

Loving wife: – One aspect of Moral value also connects you to your loving wife as you should give time to your kids, in the same way your partner should also give full quality time (from time to time).

 Even if it is a matter of tough-job, helplessness and professionalism. Always be compulsive, but take time out of it too. One more important thing whenever you give enough time to your wife, during that time-duration, keep your other tasks, almost away from you, until there is too much emergency. Several times that Husband and Wife, get lost their world with their mobiles.

   At the same time, due to these reasons, between them, gradually developed, firstly mental-distance then physical -distance. If it becomes difficult to bear each other, then things reach up to the Divorce.

Regarding your friends: – I would also like to say some things about friends as well. You should not always keep your temperament towards your friends the same. You should not break your friendship, due to any one’s backbiting, even if espouse advised nevertheless think deeply then go ahead, it shouldn’t be blind step.

Only good habits and touching incidences of your friend, should be kept in your heart and mind. With respect by you, even during the breaking period of your friendship, remembering the good moments of your friend, during the period be clear your mind towards him, you Should be maintained in such an adverse situation, his personal things should not be made public by you, anger.

It is said that, the formula of the friendship “No thanks, no sorry” should always be kept. If you have been trustworthy enough, with your friends, family, girlfriend, wife or children, have always honest and have always treated you well then you do not have their goodness.

All the people will be dragged away and they will become melancholy, they will start melting in repentance. And one day “As you saw so shall you reap” might be lately, but definitely you will gain unexpected nice things.

Regarding current society: – I mean if you understand properly the moral values, and Let’s understand the Moral Values to the people too and Encourage the people to follow this path, with honesty. Simultaneously, Make the children cultured. This will give you a strange inner happiness in all these settlements, which cannot be described in words, this happiness cannot be attained by any worldly pleasure if you have the moral values of the serene mind But if you are a cultured person, your soul will always be in pure and pure and says that if your soul is pure then the supernatural dominance of that soul goes on growing every moment and your face will shine (glow) with this inner beauty, (the real beauty).

Inner beauty is the first step of real lifestyle: – If you are a person of simple Swami, truthful coworker, benevolent obedient, fair, clean and pure, then you will never need to apply any makeup

on your face. The face will glow in radiance from afar, because the inner beauty definitely reflects the face If you really want to look handsome or beautiful then first be a nice person with internal beauty and for it you will have to adopt Moral-Values by heart.

Now you must have understood that if you adopt Moral Value in your life, then assume that you have got 90% success. Success will come towards you automatically. The sharp and radiant face will fascinate (without making any additional efforts) people and this attraction is always the first step to success in any field, that is, you live a successful social and professional life, as well as continuously with spiritual progress stay connected

Moral Values helps in your ‘love’ or ‘marriage’ relations: – I have discussed enough about the friends, family, society and children. Now I will tell you the last thing, how much this Moral Value is important in your married life. 

If you do not change your Moral Value without responding to the behavior of your wife/husband. If you do not behave the opposite (bad), whether spouse’s worst behaving, even you do continue with your all responsibility by taking care, then there will never be a Divorce, even he/she will be ashamed on her/his bad behavior. If your spouse is unnecessarily extremely angry, and badly over reacting at you, and shouting at you, at the same time you have to keep calm, either side is excited, then the other will be calm, if it happens then within 5 minutes, the whole dispute will stop at once. Don’t get excited or angry in response. Answer your own deeds. He continues to discharge your responsibility towards her, even if it does not get any value from it, but you will see your actions to be highly continuous. Why should there not be water in the fire of repentance? In response to the wrong behavior of the partner, you do not drop your basic level and keep your good behavior in the same manner, then what will be the result of this, you will yourself send me and tell me that the result was totally positive and in your favor.

  “If you really want to look elegant for that, inner beauty is must then secondly one should go towards other things like, gym, parlor, etc.

                 “In my lifestyle blog, all blogs will be in series way, and they all be in chronicle order.”

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