1 / It can be creative when it comes to making money.

“If you are one of the millions of Americans working anywhere due to the coronavirus epidemic or from anywhere else in the world,” you are facing obstacles not seen in years. With post-World War II records and shelter-in-place unemployment hitting, competition is fierce for jobs that are available.

This is why experts suggest thinking outside the box, whether it is starting your own business or taking a part-time job to work you in search of full-time employment.

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2 / To begin, review your skill set. More than you invest in: Taking a side hustle for your pandemic’s extra cash Unemployment rose to just 14 to 17%, yet the market is booming. Please explain! These are not normal times. You still need a financial plan for the epidemic. “Think of the things you’ve done that people have praised,” said Barbell O’Neill, a distinguished professor at Rutgers University and owner and CEO of Money Talk: Financial Planning Seminar.
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3 / – You can also take an informal poll and ask people what they think you are good at, or take an online skills test. Also, go back to previous work conditions and you really enjoyed doing it.

“When you think of all those things together, you will see where your skills and interest lie”, said Brie Valeer Reynolds, a career development manager and Flex Jobs coach.

Watch remote work

Remote jobs are becoming more common with flex jobs, with a 7% increase in lists from March to April.

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4 / – A part-time job can help you to make ends meet while searching for a permanent gig.

In fact, part-time work is a “real option that brings in income faster” because the hiring process is quicker than a full-time job, Reynolds said.

This means that anything can happen from a few hours to 30 hours a week. If you are on unemployment, check with your state on its policy on getting partial benefits while working part-time.

5 / – Flex Jobs has seen growth in customer services and sales, data entry, health care and medical support, tuition and tuition and part-time work in bookkeeping. Other types of jobs available that can tap into your creative side are digital stylists, writers and copy editors, photographers, and graphic designers. To search for a job, type the keyword instead of the job title to see the different titles that might be a good fit for you. Also, beware of scams. If the jobs board does not have a screening process, verify that the job is valid.

Also, beware of scams. If the jobs board does not have a screening process, verify that the job is valid.

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6 / – Strike on their own

You can only try to make money on your own – and you don’t have to think about starting a business. “Maybe what they’re really just talking about is a bridge to get to the other side,” O’Neill said. “Everyone keeps talking about a light at the end of the tunnel. “Nobody is saying how long the tunnel is.”


7 / – Once you identify which skill or hobby you want to use, think how you can make money. This means researching whether or not other people are charging, per hour or per hour. For example, how much are bakeries charging for a batch of cookies or landscapes for lawn work?

Make a plan on how to reach your customers. Maybe start small with family or friends, and take advantage of social media, she said. Engage with your followers and show samples of your work.

An idea ‘crazy idea’


8 / – Tres Thomas

When comedian Matt Levy was first sacked as an assistant to a talent manager at Comedy Club in New York, he had no major direction. With the club closed, he could not even perform his stand-up routine.

Then, a few weeks ago, he had a “crazy idea”.

He took to Twitter to see if he would like a written profile about his career, comedy, skills or “whatever you want” for $ 25. He has published 1,000 words on the medium and the topic will get publicity.

9 / – TWEET

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“I felt like my greatest skill, even more than just writing jokes, was writing about comedy as a fan in a truly reverential way,” Levy said.

“I think passion really shines.”

He has already written about 20 profiles, mainly comics, directors and podcasters. Levy has now raised its price to $ 40 and may eventually form an independent public relations company.

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10 / – to start a business

With the constraints small businesses are facing, it may now seem appropriate to start their own company.

However, some of the most successful businesses have been launched during times of economic downturn, said founder and CEO Ross Kimberowski in Crowd Spring.

For one, people’s jobs and income are cut. Also, it is difficult to get a job in this climate. He said, “They look inward and they think, ‘What can I do that I can live.”

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11 / – To begin, Kimberowski suggests assessing how you can make money from your hobby, which means doing your research. In addition, build a strong brand identity, assess what you need to learn to succeed, and tap on your social network to see who can guide and who can help referrals.


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Finally, commit to following through on your plan.

Just remember, you cannot start a business overnight. Kimberowski said it could take one to two months to get everything. 12 / – “This is a chance for you to say, what if I take a different path and invest my energy to start a business?” They spoke.

“You have a lot of successful businesses that were launched over time, people who said they said, I have nothing to lose. “

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