“Never Depress In Life”

“Never Depress In Life”

It is often seen, some days we wake up feeling great and don’t know why, other days we wake up in a low mood with or without consciousness of the reason. What most of us didn’t learn in childhood is that ups and downs are not always related to problems or something you did to cause them. It’s okay to let a slump run its course, especially when we need a break from our own striving or when too many real problems pile on at the same time. Attempts to suppress and analyze bad feelings can sometimes make us feel worse.

The need to be proactive arises in times when we just want to feel good and don’t know how to get there. I confess that am just as confused by my high energy, optimistic days as I am by my slumps.

We are not always aware of how we feel or why we feel happy or sad, frustrated, lonely, guilty, or just overly sensitive. I often hear clients say “I’m having a bad day” followed by a list of the terrible things (which individually are really not that terrible) that happened, in an effort to try to explain away their low mood. It doesn’t help to pile them up and vent.

The fact is, every day has its good moments and unfortunate glitches, but sometimes we only see the negative and start to collect it throughout a day or week or month. The question of why we feel this way is not as important as how we can change our emotional state when we cannot simply fix a emotional state when we cannot simply fix a problem of which we are aware. If you want to feel better, there are many things that can help.

Through work with clients and my own life experiences I have learned that I do have some power over my moods beyond the “snap out of it” and “don’t feel that way” approach often heard from well-meaning parents and friends. It takes a little time and effort, but with practice, we can get better at identifying, accepting, and yes – managing our own feelings.

The most likely causes of feeling low are physical; not enough sleep, low blood sugar, or the need for exercise. It could also be stress, lack of fun, need for human contact, lack of choices, or worries about other people. It is also important to recognize that when you focus for too long on what you don’t like about someone or something, you are guaranteed to end up with a low mood and find yourself attracting bad feelings like a magnet.

First of all, remember there is probably nothing wrong with you except that you are human and this is what human beings experience. No one is happy and energetic all of the time. It is OK to allow yourself to feel down, but if you want to feel better, these things may help:

A. Stop Over evaluating: – Stop comparing yourself with others. We all are different and writing our own unique stories. I suggest here that you should seek professional help and 

if you think the problem is not so severe then search for it on internet. And try that yourself. There are many free resources online. Also try to be mindful, see what you are doing every movement and is it logical or normal. I can help you with that ask support from your loved ones. You can write me at all hope counselling at Gmail. Also try to follow a correct philosophy of life spiritually. I personally follow Nicherin Buddhism. It will help you a lot and give wisdom for life. Search for SGI. It helped me in changing poison of my life into the medicine. Thy will provides with right guidance. It works for me…hope work for you too ……. all the very best.

B. Breathing from core: – People generally consider taking a nice deep breath could help them full ecstatic and rejoice. 

No doubt, it’s true but way of breathing can bring significant changes on nervous system. Try to breath using Abdominal muscles and try to move your shoulders. Diaphragm is working and childhood, but we develop net wrong way of Breath into adults. Your stomach must bloat while breathing. Yoga are considered as soul healer just a classic saying.
C. Open up your posture: – Stay correct while working through out your day…

 …That will help to stimulate Metabolism which will keep you energize. Drinking adequate amount of water can keep you hydrate and improves your mental focus.

D. Don’t be hesitant: –                 I oftenly noticed people are getting short tempered.

 Don’t act and perform your skills so hastily, it will definitely to affect your quality of work try to be patient, don’t Mad through your day, drive slower, walk slower.

E. Get rid of laziness: – 

When you are tired from your errands, avoid during immobile the lower your body temperature gets more willingly you’ll be having unnecessary tiredness.

F. Bring Justice to your senses: – In science it is believed, depression is a rental health

  problem when you’re in a state of bile do moral down. It is believing to use your other senses to bring back the calmness you seek. Listening to ASMRS, Calm music, Natural sounds can help your brain to overcome anxiety.

G. Skip all the Negative sources: – Depression can’t be cured if you’re being triggered for memories you don’t want to recollect, avoid all social media, news and try to read books. Being productive more and knowing more about yourself is much butter.

H. Watch Motivational videos: – Damn Man! You’re not the only one who is going through such complex life.

  “Life is like a sea”, everyone has to cross high surging tides before achieving something in life. Watch like “Take ownership of your life”, Like videos. Best way to become happy is to pretend being happy, passing smiles, greeting colleagues on friends and communicate with people using hand gestures while making eye contact will help you gain regards in so many ways.

I. Eat healthy at least for today: –  

make it something delicious. Eat healthy and nice food. Definitely it will improve your self confidence and enhance to your health, confidence and many other things.  

K. Make eye contact with people. Emotional connections with people raise our spirits.

L. Gather your “tools” and use them – pray, read positive things, be around people you like, smile, and allow loving energy to flow from you.

M. When a better mood returns, notice what you are doing that makes you feel good.

With some effort, it is very likely that you will begin to feel better and several outcomes are possible:

1. You realize that there was no problem With some effort, it is very likely that you will begin to feel better and several outcomes are possible.

2. You realize that there was no problem and your mood has lifted.

3. There may be a real problem, but it will resolve by itself.

4. There is a problem, but it feels smaller and less important.

5. There is a problem and I know I need to address it but it’s not essential that I do it today.

6. When you will be careful about your self you will feel good and Never Underestimate Yourself. Always follow this thing that, I’m OK as I am.  

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