without family there is no life…isn’t it ??

First cause of loneliness –

how terrible to live alone in this age when morel and physical support are so much important in this time..

Where did the whole world reach from today, but at the same time our whole society was constantly filled with inequalities. Today, wherever you go, whether you are a poor person or a rich , you are totally alone in your life. Why ? We ourselves are also the reason for this. Because when we start being young, when the same parents, who have lost every thing (youngness, time and happiness) raise us, then the same parents start to knock the eyes and life the most.

Don’t want to listen parent

You know why, because, whether a boy or a girl, the wings of childhood start flying in the air. It seems as if we are running the whole world. They are not ready to understand what is good and what is bad, as the mind wants to live. And in this big blind mania, they feel very bad by explaining and stopping our biggest benefactors who are our parents.

And our parents are the biggest antagonists to us, and from the beginning, the story of all wastage starts. Not only the parents, whoever tries to convince us of the right things, we feel bad because at that time our freedom starts appearing to be spoiled. It is from here that the story of all evil and ruin begins.

Beginning of living separation with parent

First of all we start living separately from our parents in the cycle of living independently. And this is where the loneliness begins. As soon as you are separated, the parents are so emotionally and mentally attached to you that they are separated, they break up badly in this old age become half dead, and in the advancing age diseases, anxiety and stress Makes their life absolutely hell ; Then they need you the most, but then either you leave them or you have sent them to the old age home as if you will not come to old age ?” You also have children of your own behavior and go ahead and do the same with you. This tradition is continuing here. Everywhere in every family.

leisure, food, drinks, people and holidays concept – happy friends eating and drinking at restaurant

Just keep thinking about yourself and after this, after the first of your family, after some time, the story of your loneliness starts. After a while when you stop and look around, you find yourself completely alone there, and this leads to the story of loneliness and enjoyment. When you live with family and society, you have to do sacrifices and dedication to live together. Whatever happens to you, and slowly you start completely away from your family and the society. Only after you overcome the loneliness of others, your loneliness will be removed automatically by the people. When today you will make yourself alone, whatever the reason may be, one day you too will be alone.(it will be your destiny by God)

Ministry of Loneliness U.K.

Loneliness among the growing means of communication is becoming a tragedy of modern life. Irony and frightening loneliness is a major reality of modern life. This is not only the problem of a particular country, but the whole world is also suffering from it. The problem is so big that even the British government has set up a ministry to deal with it.

Loneliness is the biggest curse of life and unfortunately the number of such cursed people is increasing day by day. It includes men and women of every caste, age, class of life. In this group who suffer the tragedy of loneliness, it is not just those who are forced to be alone for some reason, but also those who are isolated with themselves while living with family, in a full environment at work and in the crowd. Feel lonely and find themselves extremely lonely.

The whole world behind me (“I”) {False Ego}

The problem of loneliness is worldwide. It is a product of modern life, and lifestyle Only. In which society has moved from ‘us’ to ‘I’. Engagement has increased so much that what is for friends, what is also for family members, it has become difficult to find a place in life with your spouse. Today the whole struggle of life is for itself All other relationships and happiness have become secondary. In the British struggling with this problem, Prime Minister Tarija is very serious about this problem. He says that I want to face this problem for our society. How frightening is the problem of loneliness, to which MP Joe Cox drew the attention of the whole of Britain. He had set up a commission, whose purpose was to assess the problem and find ways to overcome it.

superiority complex “I”

The same commission had suggested setting up a lonely ministry. Unfortunately, Cox was killed by right-wing militants in 2016. According to statistics, more than one in ten people are facing this problem. Most people over 75 years of age live there alone and the population of two lakhs is such that the month passes by talking to a friend or relative. Most of the doctors visit one to five patients daily because they are alone. Mostly this situation is almost all developed countries.

It is not only about Britain, the whole world is suffering from this problem. The disintegration of joint families and the practice of single families have given rise to this problem. We are a young country to say, but the elderly population is increasing rapidly. Talking about statistics, the number of people in the age group of 60 to 70 is the highest.

Not only U.K. but in the whole world, It is happening...

In recent years the population of people over 60 years of age has grown twice as fast as the normal rate of population growth. At present, the total number of people in this category is said to be 100 million, but it is estimated that by 2050, one fourth of the total population will be elderly. There are more people living in cities and especially metros. In these cities, children invite parents to live at their convenience, but are unable to give them time.

Such elders often resort to the highly popular social networking site to alleviate their loneliness and settle their world around it. These elders keep themselves busy till late at night. No statistics are needed to understand the suffering of these elderly people who are lonely. These people, who are far away from their children’s lives, are seen indulging in love on animals in the streets, though their problems are not solved by them, insecurity is not overcome.

without kids…life is totally blank…feel so, in this old age

The biggest thing is that this terrible problem of loneliness in all countries are not limited to the elderly, women and youth are also victims of it. In the pursuit of career, many youth living in metros away from their parents and siblings are also suffering and lonely.

The growing cities have made the family as well as the society very small and the person has been lonely somewhere. The result of this is loneliness in society, family and individual’s life. Until now, there were reports of people suffering from loneliness. The family seemed to be shrinking and loneliness was eating people.

The condition is that people living in big apartments and societies do not know who is living in the flat next to them. How is a human being considered educated and modern, not only from his family but also from himself. This loneliness is also causing many anomalies and irony.

apart from parent due to study and carrier

Many violent and untoward incidents are coming in the form of its objection, which is intimidating and also raises many questions. The big question is, where is the loneliness taking the people eating and drinking? His created realm of loneliness has also created a wall within the family. This type of isolation is more visible in residents of all the well-equipped residential areas.

The lack of belonging to loved ones in the eating and drinking groups leads to rebellion towards themselves. Our own existence seems to be spoiled. The question is, where do these feelings intrude into the glands of the mind that someone becomes so innocent towards himself?

In fact, in the metropolis, the methods of childbearing are being adopted, the element of status is at the top. But the customary formulas adopted in it, the foundation of a child being single and alone falls there. Today, this time and society has accepted a big and inevitable need.

That a man should have only one child. Single family couples are reluctant to go out of the realm of their small family and teach the children to form their own society. Work-burdened parents make a one-and-a-half-year-old child the underbelly of ‘Cartoon Network

Or surrender to Nanny’s trust or crèche. The child does not have to spend energy behind him, so instead of creating some collective attraction within him, he puts his energy in the TV set. How did the generation that grew up in this TV create false stories?

Why won’t it happen? Including his world, can we even get a sense of how we cut him off from this world. Why should a child who has got ‘Tom-Jerry’ and ‘Doraemon’ as his partner, be cut off from his parents as soon as he regains consciousness?

We so-called modern parents make the child grow up by cutting it from the whole society. He has nothing but his parents to say. And when the same parents leave, he starts feeling completely helpless. He considers the boundary of his home as the end of his life.

modern parents – responsible to make-far, kids from society


This loneliness kills humans alive. According to Bernard Shaw, “People die long ago, but burials go much later.” This gap between dying and being buried is a tragedy of loneliness, in which men die merrily. Mind is the reason for loneliness

Writer James Allen has written that the mind of a person is like a garden, if you want, you can decorate it with your understanding or let it become wild. Our mind is also filled with negative thoughts, then becomes ill, then becomes lonely. Psychiatrists believe that a sick man is more sick than his body.

Loneliness is a mental illness. Firefly glows only as it flies. This is the state of mind. So do not let the mind become weak, change your eyes through the mind, do not curse loneliness, make it a boon. The society and the All government will have to be aware to solve this problem together, only then the diseases of this loneliness can be prevented from becoming great tragedy.

They say that a big house can be bought with money, a car can be bought but happiness cannot be bought with money. Truth is told, there are many things that cannot be bought on the basis of wealth and happiness is also one of them.

Which person does not want happiness, we all want to be happy, no one wants to be sad, but there are times in our life that are full of sorrows but life does not stop due to those sorrows.

A moment of happiness

There are many small things that we might not even pay attention to, but these small things can fill our life with happiness. We think that we will get happiness when we succeed or succeed, but the truth is that all these things can give you a moment’s happiness. Have you ever thought that if you did not get success in this career or in this job, what would you do?

Reason for real and true happiness :

Never give up, in life anything, due to failure

And if you are failing then it does not mean the end of your happiness. You have to put both in your mind that the things that give you happiness are not dependent on the fear of failure. The reason for your real happiness is your family, your brother or sister, your son or daughter,

Your spouse is your friend who is with you. And when failure or failure comes in your life, then all these people will be with you so that there will not be much difference on your happiness, peace of mind.

The people with whom you get pleasure are all with you. But often we forget those people who are with us every moment in time of failure.

Therefore, when you go to the heights of success, never forget those people who stood with you in the time of failure because the happiness you have been able to experience today has been able to help them. Those people are behind your real happiness.

Be busy every moment: Give yourself time. Do not forget yourself somewhere in the rush of every day because you will be stressed due to being busy every moment, due to which you will not be happy, so take time for yourself. Do whatever you wanted but couldn’t do so.

Hobbies:- Prioritize the things you enjoy in your spare time such as cooking, reading a book or listening to music, playing a dance or an instrument such as guitar, piano, flute, playing a game like football. , Cricket.

Link USA – IND –


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In the morning:- Exercise or go to a place where there is a garden, flowers, trees and plants and enjoy it so that your mind will be refreshed and you will be happy.

Excellent Morning

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Right thoughts:- Keep good thoughts in your mind, do not make bad thoughts your priority. Because by having good ideology, being positive mind, you will be able to do all the work properly because success and happiness start with good thought perception, good ideas.

Care & Respect for parent and other human beings

Love:- filled relationships: spend time with your family, good friends. Share what you think, what you feel. So that a right and good atmosphere is built around you. Doing so will create an atmosphere of happiness and security around you. Go out for many times with your family so that you feel refreshed, be happy.

Strong social bounding, relations and friendships

Right friend: Put yourself in the midst of people who encourage you to make the right decisions, guide you right. So that you will not go in the wrong direction and keep moving towards your goal and in such a situation there is very little chance of getting upset.

Always be connected helping people

Do Meditation:- Not on empty mind but on the word of God:

Meditation (panacea)

Focus on God’s Word. The Bible tells us that everything written in it is the word of the Lord Jesus Christ and meditation on it changes our lives and we experience happiness and joy that no one can steal from us.

If there are some things in your life that do not allow you to be happy, then you find the root of those things and separate that root from your life so that a new path will be created for the happiness of your mind. In this, you can take help of a friend or your family.

Therefore, pay attention to the small things that you do every day and if those things do not take you anywhere in your life, then you change those things and apply those things and habits in your life that will make you happy. She leads you towards success. By doing this you will be successful in making your life happy.

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