1. “kindness isn’t controversial”
to me, there’s no debate that kindness is a strength. And it breaks my heart to understand that so many humans consider it’s a weak spot. Such a lot of human beings are afraid that other humans will take benefit in their kindness or make them experience “used.”

however the reality is, folks who take benefit of your kindness are vulnerable on the inside. Sense bad for them, don’t allow them to make you feel horrific about your self. Kindness-rates

2. “true kindness is the remaining energy”

individuals who are genuinely kind have the final leverage. If you deliver with out expectation of getting some thing in return, you’ve received. I’m now not worried about humans “using me” or “taking benefit” of me. Whilst someone takes benefit of my kindness, I just feel bad for that man or woman. I sense bad that they experience the need to step on a person else for them to “get theirs.”

3. “when you are happy for humans instead of resentful, you can start the process of getting to a satisfied vicinity.”
there’s a lot happiness and abundance in the global! I’m always so glad for different human beings when they win as it’s no longer coming out of my pocket. I’m going to “get mine” regardless. Kindness-quotes

4. “kindness and properly always win whilst the clock hits zero:00”
being “kind”, “right”, and caring is the way you leave a legacy. It’s why kindness is one in all my largest values. I want the admiration. Sometimes people can break out with bad behavior in the brief time period, however kindness and positivity will constantly win the game. Five. “pleasant men finish remaining? Wherein? It’s just now not actual. Great men might be dropping at halftime, however they win the game. Exceptional guys continually win.”

the hassle is, such a lot of humans simply have a look at who’s triumphing in the first and 2d region. They simply study who’s leading at halftime. However inside the macro, in case you’re kind, you’ll be rewarded. You’ll win. Someone is continually watching.

6. “high-quality men don’t finish closing, bad men posing as best guys do.”
most of the people who suppose that “kindness is a weak spot” or “kindness doesn’t paintings” are giving with expectation. When your “kindness” is loaded with “ask” at the back end, people can smell it from a mile away. In case you’re using your kindness as disguise to get what you want from the relationship, you will lose.

7. “being first-rate is roi fine.”
a funny component occurs when you deliver without expectation. Lots of good things begin coming lower back to you. Kindness is unbelievably roi tremendous in enterprise. However the hassle is, numerous agencies don’t realize this. They get caught up in maximizing 90-day numbers on the cost of the way their employees are treated. That’s why so many businesses lose long term. Kindness-prices

8. “I want kindness, empathy, and gratitude to grow to be ‘cool’ in place of placing cash for your ear or having ‘ice’ for your wrist.”
my remaining ambition is to make empathy, gratitude, persistence, and kindness “cool.” I need human beings to study those those trends as “alpha male” characteristics. I need kids to aspire to be kind as opposed to desiring to be the sort of person who flashes fancy stuff on Instagram.

9. “I need one hundred% kindness and empathy during my business enterprise.”
I dispatched an electronic mail to all employees at my business enterprise approximately kindness and why it subjects it so much. Kindness is splendid vital to me, in particular with regards to the paintings surroundings I create for my personnel.

10. “one of the most important reasons I act like a big shot is due to the fact I want youngsters to come to be fanatics of me, that way, I can end up the ‘defend’ for them to believe to do good matters, no longer terrible matters.”
if youngsters think I’m “cool”, they won’t be speak me about Ferraris and gold watches. They’ll be speak me approximately difficult paintings, humility, empathy, and kindness. So many children experience strain from their dad and mom and from society to “win” at an early age. And because of that, they resort to quick time period behaviors may lead to “success” at a young age, but damages their recognition within the long term. They’ll harm their chances of long term success because they’re chasing quick term wins. I want children to factor to me and use me as their “guard” that gives them confidence to push in opposition to their mother and father and society cross all in on what they want to do.

11. “99% of people have suitable, fantastic moments of their lives and that they in no way assume to proportion that on fb or twitter. But, the second somebody cuts them off the road, the cashier is slow, or they don’t like what’s taking place in politics, they get nasty. We want to make positivity and kindness louder.”
we want to make a dedication to creating positivity louder. The people who are the loudest proper now are the most terrible, and that tricks humans into believing that the world actually is extra “awful” than “appropriate.”

truth is, it’s an superb time to be alive proper now, and all of us want to do a better task of being “loud” about it.

12. “kindness required.”

13. “I think the exceptional managers have caring, type, empathetic personalities.”
plenty of people consider management qualities as “paternal” — qualities like being aggressive or stern. I think about them as extra “maternal.” I think the first-class managers have worrying, empathetic, type personalities.

14. “kindness builds emotional capital.”
in case you make a commitment to giving 51% of the value inside the courting, you will win. It’s just a clever issue to do, both in commercial enterprise and in life. When you supply a lot, you build quite a few emotional capital. You develop your recognition drastically. And the human beings you affected will in the end come back and effect you.

15. “kindness is usually rewarded. Someone is usually watching.”
continually. In case you’re deploying kindness to a person who’s no longer profitable to proper away, a person who watched that happen will observe the sort of character you are. And that they’ll reward the kindness. Even in case you’re in a restricted space with no person else around, the person who’s no longer returning your kindness would possibly exchange in 15 years. And then, they’ll recall the sort of person you had been.

16. “kindness over everything.”
over cash, over repute, over the whole lot.

17. “fact is, people who view kindness as a bad are just insecure themselves. You could handiest be kind in case you sense like you’re coming from an area of leverage.”
it’s less complicated to be type when you’re happy at the inside. Whilst you’re satisfied, you need every person else to “get theirs” too. You don’t feel the need to drag other humans down. Folks who say that “kindness is a weak point” are simply insecure themselves.

18. “it’s difficult to be taken gain of while you’re giving without expectation.”
this is one manner to be happy no matter what. The motive I’m usually so pumped is even though I’m so beneficent is due to the fact I don’t count on anyone to come through for me. Human beings can’t take gain of me because I’m gambling a distinct game.

19. “I’ve been pushing kindness extra heavily than whatever else. It’s a critical a part of the legacy I’m constructing.”
I want to build huge corporations and buy the jets, however i want to do it even as also being an awesome dude. I want to build the “biggest building” on the town with out tearing down everybody else’s building.

20. “the most important problem for maximum is that they see bad conduct get beforehand in the quick time period. And due to that, they get tricked into questioning that’s how you win the whole recreation.”
kindness is the way you win the game of life.

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