In this Covid-19 era, every one advising do these 5-things or do this 10-thing s to boost your immunity: but know but they are all copied. Now I am giving you some most important tips that will boost your immunity tremendously. You may know little bit of “Ayurveda”. The most ancient, truly natural, even more successful than today’s medical science, in somewhat manner. Any medical literature, whether it belongs to world’s any country, can never be ignored or criticized, every literature has its own radical medical advises and method. Means the main thing is if anyone cured through it, that’s enough. Because any medical (old or new) treatment purpose is only to properly cure a life human or any living (animal etc.) thing.

Hence now I am giving some important tips from India’s most ancient and radical medical literature, “Ayurveda”. Once blindly follow the tips you easily not only can fight with Covid-19 even you will defeat it successfully always in several times.

1. Apple Vinegar and Garlic :-

Take 2 cloves of garlic soaked in apple vinegar a day. Apple vinegar and garlic are both immunomodulators. So it is a very easy way to increase immunity.

2. Turmeric Powder and Honey :-

Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and honey in it and take it daily with milk at bedtime. Turmeric is very useful for strengthening the immune system. Honey is also an immunomodulator. It is an easy solution to increase immunity.

3. Gooseberry Powder and Honey :-

Take half a teaspoon of Gooseberry powder and mix honey in it and take it daily in the morning. Gooseberry is the best source of vitamin C and is a miraculous boost to vitamin C immunity

4. Sunshine :-

No one else has the best and free immunity booster from sunlight. It is a source of vitamin D, one of the vitamins responsible for immunity. Spend at least 30 minutes in the sun every day, it will fill you with strength and energy. Of course, it is important to follow the social distancing rule while taking incense. It would be best to go to the roof of your house in the morning.

5. Prayer :-

When you get time, you should meditate, pray or pray. When the mind remains calm and fear-free, the body’s resistance increases greatly. This is the easiest and most effective immunity booster.

 6. As for vegetables, spinach and broccoli are the best veggies to purify the blood and increase immunity.

As for sweet treats, eating raw, organic jaggery is the best option. Take a 2 inch piece of jaggery. Should be eaten after noon and dinner. This increases the blood volume. Increases energy. And also prevents constipation.

7. Those who have dry fruits in their house. Must eat lots of almonds and prunes. So that immunity increases.

Adults should take 1 tablet of 500 mg of vitamin C.

Children older than 10 years

1/2 tablet of 500 mg should be taken after breakfast and dinner.

Onion :-

Like garlic, onion also contains a mixture called allicin which keeps away from infection, cancer and any kind of allergies.

8. What to eat to increase immunity: –

To increase immunity, you can consume the following diet so that you do not become ill soon. Let us know in detail.

2. Gooseberry: Immunity Strong – Gooseberry is beneficial for hair and eyes as it contains high amount of Vitamin C. Apart from this, it helps in strengthening the immunity of the body so that the strength to fight against diseases remains. You can also take Gooseberry juice or gooseberry jam.

3. Green Tea – Green tea is very beneficial for health as well as helps to strengthen immunity. You can start your morning with green tea because it contains a good amount of antioxidants. Keep this in mind that only two cups of green tea should be consumed in a day because consuming too much can cause harm.

4. Consuming oats – Often people like to include oats in food to lose weight because there are enough fibers in it. Along with this, it also has anti-microbial property which increases your immunity. Therefore, include oats in your breakfast daily and strengthen the immunity.

5. Eat raw turmeric – Turmeric has many anti-bacterial properties which promotes the body’s immunity. Therefore, turmeric must be included in your diet. Turmeric protects against eye problems, skin diseases, heart attacks, heart attacks, etc., along with increasing immunity. Apart from this, turmeric helps in reducing weight. Turmeric helps in healing wounds. Drinking turmeric milk daily strengthens the body’s nervous system.

6. Eat onion – Onion contains garlic-like mixture called allicin which helps in preventing infection. Also reduces the risk of allergy and cancer. If you want to include onion in your diet, you can eat onion in a salad.

7. Eat leafy vegetables – To increase the body’s immunity, leafy vegetables are very beneficial in the diet. Green vegetables have a good amount of vitamins and minerals which help in preventing diseases. Spinach, broccoli, fenugreek, avocado etc. can be consumed in green vegetables.

8. Eat garlic – Garlic has natural medicinal properties which helps in increasing immunity of the body. According to some studies, it is considered beneficial in curing genetic diseases. Garlic helps to prevent colds and infections. Do not forget to include garlic in your diet.

9. Eat Cinnamon – Cinnamon is often no less than a panacea for a diabetic patient because cinnamon helps control diabetes. Apart from this, it has the property of enhancing immunity power. Cinnamon proves effective in reducing risk diseases like cancer.

Other things related to immunity –

1. By taking more stress, the person’s immunity starts to weaken due to which he starts getting sick. One should try to remain stress free as much as possible.

2. People often have a habit of watching TV and mobile for a long time. This causes insomnia which gradually weakens the body’s nervous system. Therefore, get into the habit of sleeping and getting up early.

3. The immunity of people who consume more alcohol and smoking becomes very weak. Because of this, they get more sick. Change the habit of alcohol and smoking so that you do not fall ill.

4. Not exercising and doing yoga daily affects the fitness of the body, along with the body starts becoming weak and sick. Therefore, make a habit of exercising and doing yoga daily and make the immunity strong so that your body can fight against the bacteria outside.

Cute fitness girl doing hard athletic workout in the gym

Boosting immunity is better than unmercenary taking medicine, if you always keep your immunity boost up than any disease can never affect you, even Corona too. By chance if you caught by Covid-19 (which is almost impossible), within 10 to 14 day it will be automatically finish , even you will be known  nothing about it. Hence It’s my not only advice even mercy appeal to you all, please always follow my above all tips daily even after Covid-19 .  

Contact your nearest General Physician for more information about increasing immunity.

We only aim to give you information through the article. We do not recommend medication, treatment in any way.

Only a doctor can give you good advice. Because no one else is better than them.

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Article by 

 Aakesh Aainan

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1 / It can be creative when it comes to making money.

“If you are one of the millions of Americans working anywhere due to the coronavirus epidemic or from anywhere else in the world,” you are facing obstacles not seen in years. With post-World War II records and shelter-in-place unemployment hitting, competition is fierce for jobs that are available.

This is why experts suggest thinking outside the box, whether it is starting your own business or taking a part-time job to work you in search of full-time employment.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2-300.png


2 / To begin, review your skill set. More than you invest in: Taking a side hustle for your pandemic’s extra cash Unemployment rose to just 14 to 17%, yet the market is booming. Please explain! These are not normal times. You still need a financial plan for the epidemic. “Think of the things you’ve done that people have praised,” said Barbell O’Neill, a distinguished professor at Rutgers University and owner and CEO of Money Talk: Financial Planning Seminar.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3.jpg

3 / – You can also take an informal poll and ask people what they think you are good at, or take an online skills test. Also, go back to previous work conditions and you really enjoyed doing it.

“When you think of all those things together, you will see where your skills and interest lie”, said Brie Valeer Reynolds, a career development manager and Flex Jobs coach.

Watch remote work

Remote jobs are becoming more common with flex jobs, with a 7% increase in lists from March to April.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4.jpg

4 / – A part-time job can help you to make ends meet while searching for a permanent gig.

In fact, part-time work is a “real option that brings in income faster” because the hiring process is quicker than a full-time job, Reynolds said.

This means that anything can happen from a few hours to 30 hours a week. If you are on unemployment, check with your state on its policy on getting partial benefits while working part-time.

5 / – Flex Jobs has seen growth in customer services and sales, data entry, health care and medical support, tuition and tuition and part-time work in bookkeeping. Other types of jobs available that can tap into your creative side are digital stylists, writers and copy editors, photographers, and graphic designers. To search for a job, type the keyword instead of the job title to see the different titles that might be a good fit for you. Also, beware of scams. If the jobs board does not have a screening process, verify that the job is valid.

Also, beware of scams. If the jobs board does not have a screening process, verify that the job is valid.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6.jpg

6 / – Strike on their own

You can only try to make money on your own – and you don’t have to think about starting a business. “Maybe what they’re really just talking about is a bridge to get to the other side,” O’Neill said. “Everyone keeps talking about a light at the end of the tunnel. “Nobody is saying how long the tunnel is.”


7 / – Once you identify which skill or hobby you want to use, think how you can make money. This means researching whether or not other people are charging, per hour or per hour. For example, how much are bakeries charging for a batch of cookies or landscapes for lawn work?

Make a plan on how to reach your customers. Maybe start small with family or friends, and take advantage of social media, she said. Engage with your followers and show samples of your work.

An idea ‘crazy idea’


8 / – Tres Thomas

When comedian Matt Levy was first sacked as an assistant to a talent manager at Comedy Club in New York, he had no major direction. With the club closed, he could not even perform his stand-up routine.

Then, a few weeks ago, he had a “crazy idea”.

He took to Twitter to see if he would like a written profile about his career, comedy, skills or “whatever you want” for $ 25. He has published 1,000 words on the medium and the topic will get publicity.

9 / – TWEET

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“I felt like my greatest skill, even more than just writing jokes, was writing about comedy as a fan in a truly reverential way,” Levy said.

“I think passion really shines.”

He has already written about 20 profiles, mainly comics, directors and podcasters. Levy has now raised its price to $ 40 and may eventually form an independent public relations company.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is woman-writing-dele.jpg

10 / – to start a business

With the constraints small businesses are facing, it may now seem appropriate to start their own company.

However, some of the most successful businesses have been launched during times of economic downturn, said founder and CEO Ross Kimberowski in Crowd Spring.

For one, people’s jobs and income are cut. Also, it is difficult to get a job in this climate. He said, “They look inward and they think, ‘What can I do that I can live.”

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11 / – To begin, Kimberowski suggests assessing how you can make money from your hobby, which means doing your research. In addition, build a strong brand identity, assess what you need to learn to succeed, and tap on your social network to see who can guide and who can help referrals.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is home-hero.png

Finally, commit to following through on your plan.

Just remember, you cannot start a business overnight. Kimberowski said it could take one to two months to get everything. 12 / – “This is a chance for you to say, what if I take a different path and invest my energy to start a business?” They spoke.

“You have a lot of successful businesses that were launched over time, people who said they said, I have nothing to lose. “

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                                                      ABOUT MOTIVATION



If you really want to achieve your “goal” for and forever, and keep yourself always motivated in your whole life, also want to reach the peek of your success for that you have to read it very carefully with patience and great interest. Let’s start: –

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is b420e-252812529.jpg
Distraction with the goal

1. Often, we start a work, but after doing that work properly for a few days, we lose our focus from that work. This happens not only with you, but with everyone. When we start that work, then we are very much motivated and energetic and we complete that work diligently and then gradually this motivation ends and we deviate from our work.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 96c51-31.jpg
Display of your goal for re motivation

2. Always having Motivation is an impossible thing. There are many ups and downs on every aspect of our life, which also has an effect on our fat weight. Fluctuation of the motivation is a common thing, but if you lose the motivation and do not try to bring it back, then you can lose the patience you have towards that work

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 49790-30.jpg
Motivational picture

3. So, whenever you lose the motivation to do any of your work, then bring it back immediately and get inspired from that work. If you follow some things to always maintain Motivation in yourself, then surely you can continue Motivation inside yourself. So, let’s get to know those things.

 Desire should be big

4. If there is a big Goal in your life, if you want to do something big in your work or you want to go far ahead in one of your fields, then the first thing you should do is that you have a lot of time to achieve that thing in yourself. Make a big Desire. The bigger your desire, the greater your win. The power that comes in the desire to get something is very big.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 68746-62bbig2bthought.jpg
deep thinking over your big goal

5. Think about everything you want to do, fulfill it and feel that where you will be when you achieve that thing. In this way, when you create a big dream of your desire within yourself, it will help you to get that thing and whenever you are demotivated, you will come back again.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4c0c5-2..jpg
focus the goal

6. Often, we lose our Motivation when we focus on many things in our life. Whenever we go out of our work to give attention to other things and focus on doing something else, we start losing motivation from our work. If we continue to work with constant focus on our work, then our motivation will also remain

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7dae2-3.jpg
 lazy and dull feelings
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 81mlctyt4al._sl1500_.jpg
link: https://amzn.to/3pwVYPF

7. Whenever we break the rhythm of our work, we work to make ourselves weak and ignore the discipline we have created. Keeping discipline towards our goal always gives us motivation, so never focus on the things that you do not want to achieve or the things that distract you from your work.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7e3cf-102btrapped2bbad2bhabits.jpg
trapping by bad habits,

use healthy drink on routine, link:-

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 71f-av2kjl._sl1500_.jpg

8. We are human and the biggest mistake we make is to keep bad habits and things inside ourselves. We adopt many small and bad habits that make us accustomed to those habits and we always keep-dancing according to them just like a puppet, though we do not want to. A big goal is never met by itself but a little bit of daily hard work makes it big.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 457aa-4.jpg
postpone work due to bad habits

9. We make a big mistake on this. We often postpone our work due to our bad habits; we often break our discipline; we fall prey to many bad things and we deviate from our work which kills our motivation. Disorientation in work will not allow you to achieve that which is very important for you.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is faf21-29.jpg
overlook all the interruptions

10. Just… don’t listen .. follow one thing… keep working. Yes friends, if you start a work, there will be many obstacles and difficulties in doing that work. There will be many occasions when you will find it difficult to do that work. Many times, there will come a time when you will feel that you should finish this work or the goal. Many times, you will stop following your routine. link bellow the picture:-

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6fa7d-6.png
work with full enthusiasm 
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 61m08mo5krl._sl1500_.jpg

11. But then you should keep in mind that no matter what happens, I just have to keep doing my work. I have to get what I want and I am willing to work for that thing every day. In this way whenever you feel yourself demotivate, you will quickly fill the habit of working continuously with energy and will keep motivated you, more.


always update yourself                                         

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 9f97b-7.jpeg

12. It is very important to keep yourself updated always because today everything is changing very fast and everything is changing. If you will not be updated with those changing things, then you will probably be left behind by those people who are your competitor. Changes are going to come in whatever work you are doing or you want to achieve. If you are not able to cover the important update of that work then you will be left behind which would be lost your motivation.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2be4d-142bstrongly2bhold2btarget.png
strongly keep holding the goal 

13. Always keep yourself thick with the things that are related to your field, even if you do not know the rest of things, but if you do not know the information related to your work, then it will be a big impact.

14. So, friends, here were some tips that will help you to stay Motivated.

      and Bounce Back once you are demotivating. I myself get demotivate from my work many times and for many days I am unable to catch the rhythm which is very important for my work, then I get the same things in my motive again.

                                   (B) IF YOU WANT TO BE MOTIVATED, 


1. family & friends support-

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3a9a9-9.jpg

 Definitely you can get an extra push by the motivation to get something done, but it doesn’t always come when you need it. If you’re struggling to start or complete a task, give yourself some encouragement to keep going. A little bit of pressure can help, so ask a friend, family member, or group to keep you accountable. If you’re trying to achieve long-term plans, make sure that you have clear and manageable goals so that you maintain your motivation throughout the process.

2. designing your goal’s image

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fd9d4-10.jpg
designing your goal’s image

       Remind yourself why you want to do something. Sometimes, we need a little boost to help get us going on a task or project. Say out loud or write down the reason why you need to do something. Tell yourself the benefits of getting it done. For example, you might say, “I am going for a run right now because I want to become fitter” or “I need to do this homework so that I can get an A”. Remind yourself of the dangers of procrastination. Promise yourself something like “If I get this done now, I can leave work early today” or “If I can get this out of the way, I can work on something more fun.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3b8a7-172bbuild2bvision.png
build a proper vision regarding your work

3. build a proper vision regarding your work

B  Build a vision board with images that represent what you want to accomplish in your life. It will help serve as a reminder of what you really care about. Break down your work into smaller chunks. You may dread hours of work, but if you break your day down into smaller segments, work can be easier to deal with. Start with easier tasks that you can complete quickly to build momentum. For example, instead of saying, “I have to work all morning,” say, “I’m going to write this report in 1 hour, then I will go to the meeting at 11, and then it will be lunchtime. Block off segments and tasks in a planner or calendar app. Use different colors to mark different tasks and time blocks. This can break up your day and make it easier to face.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 47415-12.jpg
daily work with fun and joy

4. daily work with fun and joy

Make your activities fun. If you’re dreading the task or activity, it can be difficult to start. In this case, find a way to make the task more exciting. You might include other people or challenge yourself in a new way. Mixing things up can also help you get things done. For example, if you want to become fitter but hate going to the gym, take an exercise class, such as kickboxing, Zumba, or barre. If you’re studying for an exam, compete with a friend. See who can answer the most questions correctly or solve the problem the fastest.           

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 351a9-13.jpg
rewarding your self after achieving  any goal

5. rewarding your self after achieving  any goal

Promise yourself a reward when you get something done. Even if it’s just a small accomplishment, pat yourself on the back. You can give yourself a short break from work, treat yourself to a snack or latte, get a massage, or celebrate with friends. This can keep you excited and motivated for the next step. Give yourself occasional breaks to avoid burnout. While it is important to avoid distractions, too much work can make you less productive. Schedule occasional breaks throughout your day. Make sure you also take longer breaks over the weekend to rest and refresh yourself.

6. For example, you might take 5 minutes every hour to go to the bathroom or to stretch. Schedule these breaks so that you have something to look forward to. For example, you might tell yourself, “If I can get these reports done by 2 pm, I can go take a quick break. “Avoid multitasking and getting distracted by checking emails and your phone. Your productivity will only suffer.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ac86d-14.jpg
your positive thoughts

7. your positive thoughts

Tell yourself that you can accomplish anything. When it comes to motivation, you can be your own worst critic. To push yourself to do what you need to, give yourself positive affirmations. Remember that you can get this task done if you put your mind to it.[6]If you find yourself thinking negatively about a task, force yourself to restate it as a positive comment. For example, if you find yourself thinking, “I have too much work today. I’ll never get it done,” say instead, “If I start right now, it’ll all get done before the deadline.” For positive and sharp thinkin get this- Link :-

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 81t7zq6xqll._sl1500_.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 98317-212bget2bpartner.jpg
get excellent partner

8. get excellent partner

Find an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone who checks in on you time to time to see how you are doing with your goals. Ask a friend, mentor, or colleague if they would be willing to be your accountability partner. Schedule meetings or phone calls in advance so that you have a definite date to complete a goal by. This can motivate you to complete something by that date. Send work to your accountability partner for feedback. Give them permission to be honest and thorough with this feedback. Your accountability partner can also send you occasional reminders, such as “Remember that you were 2

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is a0580-22infrontedlist.jpg
in-fronted task list

9. in-fronted task list

Create a list of tasks for yourself. Keep the list somewhere visible, such as your desk or computer monitor. As you complete each task, cross it off the list. This can give you a small boost of motivation. When you’ve finished everything, you’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction that will keep you going on your next project.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 35eb6-18.jpg
set reminder in your gadgets

10. set reminder in your gadgets

There are several to-do list apps for your phone, such as Apple Reminders, Microsoft To-Do, and Google Tasks. You can even set up reminders to keep you on track. Use a daily task list to get everything done for the day. For bigger projects, use a separate list to mark off your short-term and long-term goals. Going to submit the proposal by the end of the week” or “Have you applied for funding yet?” link bellow:-

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 71zf9uupgl._sl1500_.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5c152-19.jpg
join working group

11. join working group

Join a working group that focuses on the same activity. A group can help you stay on track while giving you support, feedback, and praise to keep you moving forward. Look for groups online through social media or check with your local community center, library, or town hall.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7c1d9-252bwriting2banalitic.jpg
get your writing analytic in surroundings

12. get your writing analytic in surroundings

Whether you’re writing a novel or a thesis, check out local writing groups in your area. Look for them at universities, libraries, coffee shops, or bookstores. Running, hiking, or other exercise groups are a great way to meet people while staying on top of your fitness goals.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3d71a-20.jpeg
join study group

13. join study group

Study groups help you learn class materials. Your classmates can help you understand difficult topics, and working together may make studying more fun.

14. If you want to learn a new skill, join a class. The others in the class can help you stay motivated while you all learn together.

15. Create a routine for yourself. Build a schedule that works for you, but keep it consistent day to day. Try to do the same activities or tasks at the same time every day. Even if you’re not feeling up to the task, a routine can help you get in the right head space to accomplish it. For example, if you want to build your own website, you might spend an hour every afternoon to work on the code.

16. Find out what time of day you work best. For example, if you get the most done in the morning, schedule your more difficult tasks for the morning. Whatever you have in your routine should be done no matter how you are feeling. Even if you’re in a poor mood, you should try to stay on track with your schedule.

17. Decide ahead of time how you will deal with setbacks. Plan for problems and obstacles before they occur. This will make you more prepared to deal with them instead of letting them get in the way of your work.

18. If you get negative feedback on a project, you might feel discouraged. Find an activity that calms you. For example, you might take a walk, doodle on some paper, or call a loved one. If your computer breaks often and you need to write a report, keep the phone number for IT or a computer store handy. Identify where you can borrow a laptop or use a public computer at a library. If the computer does break, you’ll be prepared.

19. Define a specific, clear end goal for yourself. Sometimes it is hard to motivate ourselves when we’re unclear about where we want to go. Make a clear, actionable end goal that you can achieve. For example, if you’re in school, your end goal might be to get into a certain college or to get a specific internship.

20. If you want to own your own company, decide what type of company it will be. Do you want sell a product, consult other firms, or provide services to the community?

21. Be specific with your goal. For example, if you want to travel the world, where do you want to go first? Do you prefer backpacking or would you like to take a cruise? Do you want to see the world all at once or do you want to break it up into several smaller trips?

22. Don’t let goals distract you from other important aspects of your life. Make sure you make it clear to yourself how much effort should be going towards each goal you create.

23. Break your goal down into smaller goals. Once you know specifically where you want to end up, give yourself smaller benchmarks to achieve along the way. Write down a series of steps that will help you achieve your goal. This makes the goal much more manageable, thus helping you accomplish each task. For example, if your dream is to own a house, you might have smaller goals to save money, build good credit, apply for a mortgage, and find a home in a certain neighborhood.

24. If you want to quit your job to sell handmade goods online, you might need to set up an online shop, create enough inventory to sell, and advertise your goods.

25. Find a role model who has accomplished the goal before. If you know someone who has achieved the same goal before, try to follow their example. Use their story to give you extra motivation to keep going.

26. A role model can be someone you know in real life, such as a family member, boss, professor, or mentor. It can also be a famous person, such as a business leader or scientist. If you know them personally, ask them what they did to get there. If they’re a famous figure, try finding interviews or biographies that can show you the way.

27. Post motivational quotes in visible areas. You might keep a poster up on your office wall, stick a post-it notes to your bathroom mirror, or place a note on your fridge. Wherever you need extra motivation to keep going, put an inspirational or positive quote there to keep you going.

28. Keep the quote somewhere relevant to your goals. If you’re looking to lose weight, for example, put it near your scale or bathroom mirror. If you’re finishing a big project at work, stick it in your drawer or on your computer.

29. Look for quotes in books, websites, and motivational videos. You can buy posters online or make your own using paper and pen.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4ccde-282bvisual2bgoals2bsurroundings.jpg
visual your goals and dreams every where in surroundings

30. Visualize your goals or dreams. For a few minutes each day, sit down and visualize obtaining your goal. Visualize having it, doing it, achieving it, or being it. What does it feel like? After the few minutes are up, how do you feel? Use this energy to start on your next step.

31. Work in the details to make it as clear as possible. Where are you? What are you doing? What are you wearing? How do you look? Who is with you?

A vision board can help you strive towards your goals. Make a collage or picture of your goals or dreams. Put in a place you will have to see it every day, such as your office or refrigerator. This can motivate you a little bit each day.

If you are honest and trustworthy for yourself the one day you will definitely be achieved not only your goals even hold it forever only by the adoption   of my this whole motivational program, which I have prepared, only for you.

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Article by 

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For a long time, parents have not been giving proper time to their children, till yet. Our parents always used to say, that we are not following the moral values of our life; not following our family traditions values and cultural activities. Either, we have no time or we can say, we are not taking any interest to teach our children and this mistake we often seen, in our society.     

Real Meaning: –

 in our society the real meaning of moral values is, building block of our life. Moral value refers to set a principle that guide an individual on how to evaluate between right and wrong. As a human being, we have to follow some rules of the nature’s, these rules help us to decide. what is right and what is wrong. Rules are our life limit; hence it should be strong enough and we should strictly follow them.

Kind of Moral Values: – In moral value the main thing is honesty, calmness, keep passions, punctuality, cleanliness, always give respect to others and be helpful ever.

Moral Values in current time: –

Moral Values in current time
We often see that kids are directly disobeying their parents, in front of anyone. it has become a fashion that they don’t like their father, mother, uncle means they don’t take interest in their parents, it’s pretty.

Often daughter in law or son in law, insults the Mom Dad and senior relatives.

Convince to adopt the Moral Values: –

We must have to teach our children as a teacher or parent the importance of moral values. we should always tell them nice interesting moral story they must give respect to their parents, teachers and elders.

  “Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it”


         “Right is right, even if no one is doing it”

“If you are focus on results you will never change.”

        “If you focus on change, you will get result”

Spend time with your children, and motive them: – In childhood of our kids we provide our kids (in the age of 1- or 2-years) Mobile, Tab, Headphone, Laptop etc. 

in beginning definitely they will get enjoy it due to its slide activities, videos, pictures and sounds but slowly child deprive with the parent and they become used to be these things. Even we can’t get back those things with they are holding in their hands.


animated ideological story, videos story-based movies regarding moral values. Scolled them whenever they are doing wrong, teach them, and most important thing don’t provide them in underage expensive electronic gadgets are anything else.

Let’s talk about today’s youth and old age person’s thought: – From what I have said above, you

 must have understood that the above-mentioned values ​​are largely due to the ‘abolish’ of the moral values ​​in our today society. But by counting the mistakes of our elders, our mistakes do not get reduced. If they have made even minor flaws or mistakes, nevertheless we should respect them by overclocking them and always include them in each of our life activity and planning.

 Moral Values regarding our parent: – Parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, etc. give full respect to all people. On seeing this, your children will also learn the same things, from you and you will be followed and respect by them.

 The child remains in the mother’s womb for 9 months, when she is somewhat self-reliant, a mother does it for her child from around 9 to 10 years of their age.   Whatever she thinks regarding your welfare, that no one can do like that even God in this world. In our whole life the place of Mom and Dad, comes before even God. Do you know when you Did not know, when you not even understand your own good and bad things and could not even protect yourself, means from birth till 5 years, only mother(parent) used to stand against every grief and suffering as a wall. Should humans even look at the animal, many times we have seen that a deer or a cow to protect their child from a lion, they attack. So carefully think over it those parents, who have done (sacrifices) so much for you, so it is also your duty that you take full care of them and respect them in the end of their life.

As age increases their mind and body gradually getting older and older in such a situation, we should keep such behavior that they do not realize these shortcomings at all till you assimilate the moral value. So how will you make your children to follow this,

 In the perspective of society – First of all, remove negative thinking completely from your mind. There is both, a good and an evil, in every person. Always see his goodness and ‘remember that’ it will make your mind towards that person always clean and its Per negative thinking relevant to your friend, will not take birth.

Adopt Moral Value in your blood: – Respecting the elders should love the little ones, always be ready to help everyone. The poor should also get helped by you, according to your ability. If the poor are very good scorer in academics, then definitely by you or anyone, should help them. One must take time to go to the old age home, orphan age homes and spend time with them, share their sorrows motive them.  If in this time if I discuss over each point of Moral values, then this topic will never be finished in this space.

Loving wife: – One aspect of Moral value also connects you to your loving wife as you should give time to your kids, in the same way your partner should also give full quality time (from time to time).

 Even if it is a matter of tough-job, helplessness and professionalism. Always be compulsive, but take time out of it too. One more important thing whenever you give enough time to your wife, during that time-duration, keep your other tasks, almost away from you, until there is too much emergency. Several times that Husband and Wife, get lost their world with their mobiles.

   At the same time, due to these reasons, between them, gradually developed, firstly mental-distance then physical -distance. If it becomes difficult to bear each other, then things reach up to the Divorce.

Regarding your friends: – I would also like to say some things about friends as well. You should not always keep your temperament towards your friends the same. You should not break your friendship, due to any one’s backbiting, even if espouse advised nevertheless think deeply then go ahead, it shouldn’t be blind step.

Only good habits and touching incidences of your friend, should be kept in your heart and mind. With respect by you, even during the breaking period of your friendship, remembering the good moments of your friend, during the period be clear your mind towards him, you Should be maintained in such an adverse situation, his personal things should not be made public by you, anger.

It is said that, the formula of the friendship “No thanks, no sorry” should always be kept. If you have been trustworthy enough, with your friends, family, girlfriend, wife or children, have always honest and have always treated you well then you do not have their goodness.

All the people will be dragged away and they will become melancholy, they will start melting in repentance. And one day “As you saw so shall you reap” might be lately, but definitely you will gain unexpected nice things.

Regarding current society: – I mean if you understand properly the moral values, and Let’s understand the Moral Values to the people too and Encourage the people to follow this path, with honesty. Simultaneously, Make the children cultured. This will give you a strange inner happiness in all these settlements, which cannot be described in words, this happiness cannot be attained by any worldly pleasure if you have the moral values of the serene mind But if you are a cultured person, your soul will always be in pure and pure and says that if your soul is pure then the supernatural dominance of that soul goes on growing every moment and your face will shine (glow) with this inner beauty, (the real beauty).

Inner beauty is the first step of real lifestyle: – If you are a person of simple Swami, truthful coworker, benevolent obedient, fair, clean and pure, then you will never need to apply any makeup

on your face. The face will glow in radiance from afar, because the inner beauty definitely reflects the face If you really want to look handsome or beautiful then first be a nice person with internal beauty and for it you will have to adopt Moral-Values by heart.

Now you must have understood that if you adopt Moral Value in your life, then assume that you have got 90% success. Success will come towards you automatically. The sharp and radiant face will fascinate (without making any additional efforts) people and this attraction is always the first step to success in any field, that is, you live a successful social and professional life, as well as continuously with spiritual progress stay connected

Moral Values helps in your ‘love’ or ‘marriage’ relations: – I have discussed enough about the friends, family, society and children. Now I will tell you the last thing, how much this Moral Value is important in your married life. 

If you do not change your Moral Value without responding to the behavior of your wife/husband. If you do not behave the opposite (bad), whether spouse’s worst behaving, even you do continue with your all responsibility by taking care, then there will never be a Divorce, even he/she will be ashamed on her/his bad behavior. If your spouse is unnecessarily extremely angry, and badly over reacting at you, and shouting at you, at the same time you have to keep calm, either side is excited, then the other will be calm, if it happens then within 5 minutes, the whole dispute will stop at once. Don’t get excited or angry in response. Answer your own deeds. He continues to discharge your responsibility towards her, even if it does not get any value from it, but you will see your actions to be highly continuous. Why should there not be water in the fire of repentance? In response to the wrong behavior of the partner, you do not drop your basic level and keep your good behavior in the same manner, then what will be the result of this, you will yourself send me and tell me that the result was totally positive and in your favor.

  “If you really want to look elegant for that, inner beauty is must then secondly one should go towards other things like, gym, parlor, etc.

                 “In my lifestyle blog, all blogs will be in series way, and they all be in chronicle order.”

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There are such things in every person’s mind that his life partner should be like this, it should be like that, etc.  But this does not actually happen, why?  Because whenever two people come in contact with each other, there is friendship in the beginning, then when there is equality in mutual thinking, they start to grow closer and gradually love begins.  Then the love begins to grow and eventually get married.  After a couple of years of marriage, those romantic pass very well, their mutual love and happiness reach their peak, but gradually everything starts decreasing. You start arguing so much that you don’t care if any outsider is present and start fighting Infront of everyone.  But have you thought why this happens?  There are two types of conceptions in the society. 1 / Love Marriage 2 / arrange Marriage

Ø  Kind of marriage doesn’t make any difference: –

 western countries have love marriages, yet in 1 year or so, why do things start coming up to divorce. It means that it doesn’t matter weather is it a love marriage or arranged.

Ø  In beginnings everything seems so good: – Even after four or five years of love, even close partners do not understand their partner’s lace.  When love is new, there is a lot of love and fun on Whats-app. 

     Living together can brings differences come forth:–  Until “love” Or “marriage” is new, then everything seems very beautiful, and that time the whole world looks like heaven.  On the matter, mutual love, respect and dedication is seen, when a lot of love, respect and care starts from the lover or girlfriend, then the person becomes so crazy with happiness that everyone except his/her lover; seems to be enemy or alien.  The person becomes blind and indiscriminate in the love of the person in front, even going against the whole world and makes love marriage.  But as the shortcomings and evils of each other begin to appear, the distances start increasing.  Experienced people say that marriage should be done very thoughtfully, but how?  Will you know about someone who is a psychic or a God?  After remembering that after 7 or 8 years of Love Affair, the marriage broke down in 6 months.  It is a bitter truth that one birth is too short to know someone.  In this context, Western countries have given birth to a new tradition of living relationships. Even after 10 years of living relationship, even 10 percent of the marriage is not guaranteed.  There are many people in our society whose 30–35 years of marriage have passed, yet they have not been able to understand each other till yet. It is not so easy to understand the nature of any person, to ask the truth, one life is too short to understand someone.

Ø  Master Pre planning doesn’t work here: – Love and marriage is not a business, which can be done very carefully.  This is destiny, that is, the hands of God, not the hands of any man or woman.

         Then what is the need to worry whoever will come into your life when every event is predetermined.  Whatever the marriage is, it should be your aim to make it successful and no matter how successful you are. You should not boast of yourself at all.  It is from here that I (ego) is born that starts appearing spontaneously in your behavior.  This pride only keeps you away from yourself.  Nobody even likes you.  Gradually you become almost alone.  In such a situation, who will make you a partner and yet if you are successful too, very soon your marital life will be destroyed due to your nature of arrogance and impracticality. 

Ø  Ego is one of the main reason of break up: – Ego is the biggest obstacle in the link of living a happy life with a life partner, so first ‘I’ (ego) will have to abandon and become a nun. 

Ø  Both come from a different culture and family atmosphere (brought up differences: –whenever a marriage takes place, both the spouses who are born in two different families. The thinking and values ​​of their parents and parents will be completely different. When both partners grew up in two different families, it is natural that their thinking will also be completely different. Therefore, thinking and attitude towards life will also be different.  This is to say that sibling despite of being children of same parents’ parent, and raised in the same environment and values, often fight like cats and dogs, and this is where large, different families grew up in two completely different environments.  Here we are talking about two people coming from successfully living together. . 

Ø  You have had hold on, only 50% of your life: – In this case, differences in thoughts and thinking are relevant.  Fifty percent of life partner depends on “luck” But fifty percent is in “your hands”.  So, when choosing your spouse under fifty percent, first of all do your own analysis and take full honesty towards yourself and note all your shortcomings, and think with fairness about who can accept you with these shortcomings.  There are several flaws in every human being, and this is a very well-known fact also.  So, your partner will also have many shortcomings.  The ability to ignore mutual differences not only has to be created, but both of them will also have to implement it.  All these things will prove to be as accurate for love life as for married life.  You will have to find the following things in your life partner: –

a)    Respect: – Apart from loving your spouse, you also have to give full respect, and this honor should be clearly visible at all times by the conduct of both. 

b)    Trustworthy: -You should become a trustworthy life partner.  Conquer him so much that he/she shares every little thing in his life, every good and bad thing, all the right and inappropriate things with you in a straightforward manner and you always maintain the secrecy of everything they share.

c)     Keeping secrecy:  they should never use, their secretes (which may have been done by you in extreme emotions at some point) as a weapon, even in a mutual fight.  Because if it did, it would be the biggest betrayal for his/her.

d)    Strong support in every field: – Always support each other during grief and heartbreak.  Always stand, like a rock in front of each and every obstacle in life.  When he/she sleeps at night while holding each other’s hand or by putting their head on each other’s chest, make sure that they feel “complete security” and make them feel, that they are the safest person in the world. Give your partner as much security that the partner sleeps like a carefree innocent child.

e)     Fully Open yourself, Infront of her/him: – You should yourself, should also share every little thing in your life, with each other.  Share so much and with such confidence they proudly say “I know my spouse better than himself.”  And if they give any opinion to each other, with full respect they should take it seriously then do a deep thought. 

f)     You should exist her/his life’s every moment: –

Never let him/her feel lonely.  He/she should be aware of your presence at all times. 

Nowadays, most of the people live on mobile and socials media and internet for twenty-four hours, it should not happen at all, whether it is a woman or a male, 

you have to get out of this fantasy world.  For a mobile world, both have to make a definite time line, and there should never be any fear, hesitation or fear while sharing the mobile.  Your mobile life should also be as clear as glass

g)    Always overlook the minor faults or mistakes: -If we talk about flaws, everyone has have it, no one born perfect, if you have flaws so does your partner, but would ignore them and try to focus on finding each other’s only good things.

h)    Prima facie should be Remember nice things and incidences only: -Always keep each other’s good things in mind, with each other in grief and let us remain fully devoted to each other.  Do not be suspicious of your partner under the influence of any third person or other, do not start fussing over such things without thinking or confronting about it. There should be so much truth and transparency in each other that tries a millions that they can never split you both. If you follow fifty percent of the above things, then your love life or married life will never be spoiled. 

i)      Both are equally responsible for their “bad” as well as “good” circumstances: – And finally, in the context of successful love life or successful married life, all the things I have said or shared with you, it is not only for male or female, but for both, to adopt equally.  Adopt the above-mentioned things first before your partner.  As soon as you start behaving like this vice versa you will also get to see the same behavior in response in the manner you conduct it.”  It might take some time but it will surely come as a result, you will definitely get a nice happy long love life.  And if in life, if you find a good life partner and your mutual relations and behavior  are also as mentioned above, then surely you will be the luckiest woman or man in this world and then although you have had many difficulties in your  life, nevertheless still you Will be counted among the successful people of the whole world.

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“Never Depress In Life”

“Never Depress In Life”

It is often seen, some days we wake up feeling great and don’t know why, other days we wake up in a low mood with or without consciousness of the reason. What most of us didn’t learn in childhood is that ups and downs are not always related to problems or something you did to cause them. It’s okay to let a slump run its course, especially when we need a break from our own striving or when too many real problems pile on at the same time. Attempts to suppress and analyze bad feelings can sometimes make us feel worse.

The need to be proactive arises in times when we just want to feel good and don’t know how to get there. I confess that am just as confused by my high energy, optimistic days as I am by my slumps.

We are not always aware of how we feel or why we feel happy or sad, frustrated, lonely, guilty, or just overly sensitive. I often hear clients say “I’m having a bad day” followed by a list of the terrible things (which individually are really not that terrible) that happened, in an effort to try to explain away their low mood. It doesn’t help to pile them up and vent.

The fact is, every day has its good moments and unfortunate glitches, but sometimes we only see the negative and start to collect it throughout a day or week or month. The question of why we feel this way is not as important as how we can change our emotional state when we cannot simply fix a emotional state when we cannot simply fix a problem of which we are aware. If you want to feel better, there are many things that can help.

Through work with clients and my own life experiences I have learned that I do have some power over my moods beyond the “snap out of it” and “don’t feel that way” approach often heard from well-meaning parents and friends. It takes a little time and effort, but with practice, we can get better at identifying, accepting, and yes – managing our own feelings.

The most likely causes of feeling low are physical; not enough sleep, low blood sugar, or the need for exercise. It could also be stress, lack of fun, need for human contact, lack of choices, or worries about other people. It is also important to recognize that when you focus for too long on what you don’t like about someone or something, you are guaranteed to end up with a low mood and find yourself attracting bad feelings like a magnet.

First of all, remember there is probably nothing wrong with you except that you are human and this is what human beings experience. No one is happy and energetic all of the time. It is OK to allow yourself to feel down, but if you want to feel better, these things may help:

A. Stop Over evaluating: – Stop comparing yourself with others. We all are different and writing our own unique stories. I suggest here that you should seek professional help and 

if you think the problem is not so severe then search for it on internet. And try that yourself. There are many free resources online. Also try to be mindful, see what you are doing every movement and is it logical or normal. I can help you with that ask support from your loved ones. You can write me at all hope counselling at Gmail. Also try to follow a correct philosophy of life spiritually. I personally follow Nicherin Buddhism. It will help you a lot and give wisdom for life. Search for SGI. It helped me in changing poison of my life into the medicine. Thy will provides with right guidance. It works for me…hope work for you too ……. all the very best.

B. Breathing from core: – People generally consider taking a nice deep breath could help them full ecstatic and rejoice. 

No doubt, it’s true but way of breathing can bring significant changes on nervous system. Try to breath using Abdominal muscles and try to move your shoulders. Diaphragm is working and childhood, but we develop net wrong way of Breath into adults. Your stomach must bloat while breathing. Yoga are considered as soul healer just a classic saying.
C. Open up your posture: – Stay correct while working through out your day…

 …That will help to stimulate Metabolism which will keep you energize. Drinking adequate amount of water can keep you hydrate and improves your mental focus.

D. Don’t be hesitant: –                 I oftenly noticed people are getting short tempered.

 Don’t act and perform your skills so hastily, it will definitely to affect your quality of work try to be patient, don’t Mad through your day, drive slower, walk slower.

E. Get rid of laziness: – 

When you are tired from your errands, avoid during immobile the lower your body temperature gets more willingly you’ll be having unnecessary tiredness.

F. Bring Justice to your senses: – In science it is believed, depression is a rental health

  problem when you’re in a state of bile do moral down. It is believing to use your other senses to bring back the calmness you seek. Listening to ASMRS, Calm music, Natural sounds can help your brain to overcome anxiety.

G. Skip all the Negative sources: – Depression can’t be cured if you’re being triggered for memories you don’t want to recollect, avoid all social media, news and try to read books. Being productive more and knowing more about yourself is much butter.

H. Watch Motivational videos: – Damn Man! You’re not the only one who is going through such complex life.

  “Life is like a sea”, everyone has to cross high surging tides before achieving something in life. Watch like “Take ownership of your life”, Like videos. Best way to become happy is to pretend being happy, passing smiles, greeting colleagues on friends and communicate with people using hand gestures while making eye contact will help you gain regards in so many ways.

I. Eat healthy at least for today: –  

make it something delicious. Eat healthy and nice food. Definitely it will improve your self confidence and enhance to your health, confidence and many other things.  

K. Make eye contact with people. Emotional connections with people raise our spirits.

L. Gather your “tools” and use them – pray, read positive things, be around people you like, smile, and allow loving energy to flow from you.

M. When a better mood returns, notice what you are doing that makes you feel good.

With some effort, it is very likely that you will begin to feel better and several outcomes are possible:

1. You realize that there was no problem With some effort, it is very likely that you will begin to feel better and several outcomes are possible.

2. You realize that there was no problem and your mood has lifted.

3. There may be a real problem, but it will resolve by itself.

4. There is a problem, but it feels smaller and less important.

5. There is a problem and I know I need to address it but it’s not essential that I do it today.

6. When you will be careful about your self you will feel good and Never Underestimate Yourself. Always follow this thing that, I’m OK as I am.  

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“WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, NEW” { In A Most Authentic and Result Oriented Fast Way }


Weight loss: how to lose weight? What to do to lose weight fast? How to lose weight fast? If your past year was spent searching for the answers to these questions, then why not include the answers to these questions in the resolution of the new year.

Weight loss 2021: If you want to lose weight, fast this year, then take a balanced diet.

How to lose weight What to do to lose weight fast? How to lose weight fast? If your past year was spent searching for the answers to these questions, then why not include the answers to these questions in the resolution of the new year. The new year has come and brought with it a box of some old ones which you made yourself. One of these is to lose weight… if you were looking for home remedies to lose weight or if you are looking for ways to lose weight quickly

So, we tell you what you can do for this. But if you are in the shape of how to do 20 kg in a week or how to lose 10 kg in 7 days. So be careful. Follow a healthy way to lose weight, because the fast ways to lose weight can prove to be dangerous at times. Ayurvedic remedies can also be adopted to reduce obesity, but if you follow the diet chart for weight loss, then it is considered to be the best.

If you balance food to lose weight, then it is the most effective and healthy way. So, let’s know about the quickest way to lose weight in a healthy way-

1. Create goals that can be met :

You need to believe that you cannot lose a lot of weight fast in just a few days or months. Losing weight is a process that takes time. You have to make realistic goals i.e., realistic goals to lose weight effectively.

Prepare your diet and exercise plan in a way that suits your body. There is a need to spend more calories than the number of calories you consume for weight loss. So, you also need to check your activity level throughout the day.

weight with hard diet or fed diet, but sometimes it proves to be bad for health. Fed diets are very popular and also promise quick weight loss. But it can affect your health prominently. Mostly, such a diet is lacking such essential nutrients, which are necessary for the functioning of the human body. So if you want to lose weight in a healthy way in 2020, then follow a diet full of all nutrients with limited calories.

3. Do not ignore metabolism :

Metabolism means metabolism affects your weight loss process. Better metabolisms result in better weight loss. Many factors affect your metabolism. You should also follow the steps which can help you in boosting metabolism. Many people try all possible ways to lose weight but do not get effective results. It is caused by poor metabolism.

Other weight loss tips you must know:

• Water also plays a major role in rapid weight loss. Drink plenty of water throughout the day

• If you want to lose weight, then love the food you are eating. Enjoy every meal for better satisfaction.

• To help you lose weight fast this year, seek help from your friends and family who can support you throughout the process

• Do not be emotional for food, control your diet.

• To lose weight, it is important that you get proper sleep and remain stress free.

• Include more fiber in your diet to reduce obesity.

• Stay positive throughout the weight loss process

Portrait of smiling family having lunch together on dining table at home after ignoring fat food, with healthy lunch

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