Listen, for some of us, our purses are our lifeline. They have significant differences and ends and help us get through the day (and sometimes night). In fact, I think there are some things that every woman should have in her purse to ensure maximum preparation for whatever life moves in her direction.

  I know that there are some people out there who look at the image of the woman holding them. But when faced with these types I always think, “What’s wrong with getting ready?” I’m not moving things around because I’m meaningless or irrational – I’ve just spent so much time in life that I don’t want something I need and I know I don’t like it.

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You know, Christmas beauty treats that don’t break and I know that there are some people who look at the image of the woman holding them. But when faced with these types, I always think, “What’s wrong with getting ready?” I’m not doing things around because I’m meaningless or irrational – I’ve just spent so much time in life that I don’t want anything that I need and I know I don’t like it

By Rebecca Fearn

Here not to mention, my purse has come to the rescue of a person on countless occasions. I have given moisturizer, hand sanitizer and even once iron pill (this is a long story). The point is going, many times people who are not ready for us benefit from the purse-lover’s preparations, so they really shouldn’t throw stones

If you are a person like yourself who likes to feel like you have a little disaster-kit on your shoulder all the time, here are 13 things I think everyone benefits from carrying.

1. Tide Stick

Tide to Go Stick:-


If you are a person like yourself, who likes to feel like you have a little disaster-kit on your shoulder all the time, here are 13 things I think everyone benefits from carrying.

2. A Pen

Cool Trends Fine Tip Gel Pen

2 – So, if you are a person like yourself who likes to feel that you have a little disaster-kit on your shoulder all the time, here are 13 things I think all benefit from carrying.

3. Tampons

You know this is a very self-explanatory one, but if you don’t already have a couple in your purse, do yourself the greatest favor and toss in no time. Because they are not just the kind of thing you want to feel like you don’t need them.

4. Deodorant

Secret Deodorant in Powder Fresh, $3, Amazon

4. Yes, OK, no one likes feeling like they need deodorant and not actually having any. No one. Keeping a little travel-sized stick in your purse will save the day for you on countless occasions, and help you feel fresh those times you don’t have time to go home and spent two hours getting ready.

5. Gum

5- Like deodorant, sometimes we need to breathe but we don’t really have the ability to brush our teeth. Not to mention, studies have shown that chewing gum can help reduce anxiety, so it is a very good thing to have on hand.

6. A Phone Charger

Ste-Marcelline-de-Kildare, Quebec, Canada – September 20th, 2015: Studio shot of an Apple
iphone 5S with a power cable on a blue background. Photo taken in my home studio.

6- 14 percent of the time realizing your phone when it’s only 4pm is not technically an emergency, but it can really, really feel that way. Especially if we needed to make contact with friends or family later in the day, or even if we were really eager to listen to that podcast on the subway ride home. So, if you keep the purse already alert, you can use that space for a super-spaced phone charger.

7. Chopstick

7- Cracked lips not only feel terrible, but they can make you super self-aware, especially if you are at work or have to deal with new people. To ensure that you never back down from this super unnecessary annoyance, retain the lip moisture.

8. Red Lipstick

8- I personally like to have an inexpensive bold red lipstick in my purse at all times, as it is perfect for those times when I am finally going unexpectedly. And the reason I love red is because it can look as subtle or bold as I want depending on how much I apply, and can double as a blush in a pinch.

9. Blotting Paper

Young Asian skin care woman smile and use oil blotting paper on her face

9- Ok, some would probably say that hand moisturizer makes their “essential” list, but because I personally run towards oily-complexion, I would say that face blotting paper is more important. Not only does it help you look fresh after a long day, but if you are suffering from oily skin, it will definitely help to make your confidence more reliable.

10. Sunglasses

10- Do you realize nothing is more uncomfortable than getting caught without sunglasses on a super sunny day, so it’s a good idea to always have a cheap and dirty couple on hand. And you probably want to throw in some sunscreen while you’re at it.

11. Tissues

Shot of a young woman blowing her nose with a tissue at home

Tissues are another one of those things that you just don’t want to realize you don’t have when you need them. Plus, they can often be used to blot your lipstick or for a variety of little unexpected purposes.

11- You must know that tissues are one of those things that you just don’t want to feel like you need them. In addition, they can often be used to stain your lipstick or for various unexpected purposes.

12. A Comb

The Wet Brush,

12- As I’ve written before, studies show that feeling good about your hair actively affects your confidence, meaning being able to quickly wield a brush before a big interview or important event Being can actually make us feel better. This is why I always like to stick around a small collapsible brush.

13. Concealer

13- It is often seen, feeling self-conscious about under a shirt or under eye circles can be one such discussion, which is why it is always good to take shelter for those mini-emergency situations. This is especially helpful for times when you did not anticipate going out after work, or when you force one of those people to get out of nowhere.

So there is no shame in being prepared, or knowing yourself well what you need to feel comfortable all day. And if you are looking to create the perfect purse position, all or some of the above items will be well received in your way.

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Life is a runway of experience; In the trouble of keeping up with many shows, there can be considerable demand for getting the best of your looks, getting a great presence with consistent financial threads or getting proper instructions to look rich. Many of us want to look rich and classy on a budget, but we often do not know how to achieve it.Let’s have a little chit chat before we dive into helpful tips on how to look rich and ready like a millionaire on a budget. I had no sense of fashion, there were no fashionable bones in my body and I was not big enough to have great luxury, your girl got bills to pay, I bet I’m not alone on this.

And I use that as a person who went with a veneer of comfort, you could find me wearing pajamas for an event if I could, I could go to this extent. But after achieving the level of success, confidence, and self. -Now, more than ever, I decided to invest more in my body texture and the way I looked, I wanted to have a sense of dignity with my appearance and from that whole experience, I talked a lot Have learned how to rob the bank without looking rich!

I can totally say that you do not have to be rich to look nice, beautiful or classy. If you are following me on Instagram, you can pay attention to this as I share a lot of strong suggestions for your inner wisdom and fashionable understanding; If you are not following me then you are missing a lot. Just click on the follow button now and become a part of the informed team.

You don’t have to break the bank to look like a lakh of rupees, there are lots of ways you can style yourself so that you look classy, expensive, glamorous, how to look rich and I am everyone Will keep sharing with you today!

Many of us “How to look rich?” Let’s contend with the question. Many people, especially young adults, believe that spending large sums of money on clothes and accessories will automatically make them rich. Well, while there is a level of veracity, I want to believe that money is not all that is needed.

People associate wealth with success; Many people believe that to look rich, you have to be rich. But then, I have repeatedly met people who are not so rich, yet, they have never failed to look cool.

And on the other hand, I’ve met super-rich people, but on first impression, you’d think they were living below the US average income. So, you agree with me that appearance really matters. Okay! Right on the way to look rich and classy on a budget.

1. Collect the knowledge of Clothing

There are different types of clothes. And each fabric has a specific type of maintenance, style, and occasional use. If you do not know your clothes, you can go to a clothes shop or ask your tailor. Knowing your clothes gives you an idea of what to buy. Polyester, nylon, and rayon – all man-made fibers – do not hang properly on your body like natural wool or cotton clothing.

There are times when I change my attire for an event at the last minute because I suddenly find that the ingredients reflect poor taste. Also, place great importance on the color of your clothes. I will discuss this under another framework.

2. Tailor your clothes in a proper way

3. How to look classy and rich

Rich people wear fitted clothes. Wearing clothes that are too big or small shows impoverishment of taste. If you have a new dress or design, take them to a tailor and let them get their measurements, and make sure that the clothes are shaped to fit almost perfectly. Why? Fitted clothes symbolize taste, class and wealth.

You should build a good relationship with your tailor. If you do not already have a tailor, make sure that you will receive one based on reviews or referrals. Your tailor will have your measurements and after a few tests eventually get your correct measurements, you can work with it and you will be fine.

There are times when I change my attire for an event at the last minute because I suddenly find that the ingredients reflect poor taste. Also, place great importance on the color of your clothes. I will discuss this under another framework.

I think you are getting ready within a budget, well and good! But this should not be an excuse for dressing in low quality clothes. In all honesty, I prefer 4-5 quality clothes for a full wardrobe of tasteless and unsightly outfits.

You do not necessarily have to buy so many outfits in one go. If you can do them a little bit, then go ahead and shop. Do not be tempted to buy low-quality organizations. Save and get good people. Also, I think it should be common knowledge, not buying clothes due to trends. Trends will come after some time and clothes will become useless. Get timeless clothes and watch your look project wealth and class.

4. Manage Tasteful Accessories

Accessories are the main content of your outfit. With bad stuff, you risk looking blurry and mean. After taking our time to choose your outfits, make sure you get amazing accessories to match them. Your necklaces, rings and so on should reflect the wealth you want to reflect.

5. Find and save the best deals (online shopping)

Truth be told, it is not as easy as it reads. You have to rigorously search for the best deals online where you can get good clothes at really affordable prices. You can check the thrift store for inexpensive second-hand clothes.

There are times when I change my attire for an event at the last minute because I suddenly find that the ingredients reflect poor taste. Also, place great importance on the color of your clothes. I will discuss this under another framework.

6. Always be careful about your clothes

Taking care of your clothes regularly is one of the ways to look your best. Iron your clothes carefully and systematically with the right temperature. Crisp and neatly ironed shirts and trousers send a sign of wealth and elegance.

Frankly speaking, you can never look rich in crispy and rough shirts. Wash your clothes with detergents that ensure that the colors are not washed away. These things about how to look rich are important to your goal. In addition, shoes are very important. Spend and invest in shoe-polishing kits. There is no excuse to leave your house with dirty shoes. There is no excuse. And for storage, make sure you store your clothes properly and at the required temperature

7. Choose quality leather goods

Leather shoes, bags and purses create an aura of wealth around you. You can’t look rich walking around with a pair of dust and cheap shoes. For a start, you can brown oxford. If you really want to look rich then your bags will not look cheap.

8. Attention to grooming

There is no excuse for bad grooming. Take care of your hair. Take care of your nails. Take care of your teeth. Never look untrue. If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t look rich.

9.  Ignore Logo based cloths


Brands with quality outfits considering crest huge logos on their clothes. Why? They have a custom and unique style that separates them from other designers and speaks for itself. Big logos make outfits look cheap and basic. And decided definitely not the way to go if you want to look rich. Showing logos as a sign of reputation makes you look like considering trying too hard and therefore reeks of desperation.




10. How to be fashionable on a low budget

Reader: How do you look rich?

Yes! I like black a lot. Blackness portrays maturity and confidence. For men, black gives a unique elegance that reflects classiness. And for women, you definitely know that black adds this heaviness to your dressing. Also, the color black is a very noticeable color and sets you apart among a large number of people. If you want to look all good and classy without breaking the bank, use more black outfits. Affordable sides:-

11. Elegant and cool Style Your Hair

Having a cool hair is a typical way of rich people. Your hair will not look thick or frizzy. If you are always clueless and scattered then you will never look cool or rich. Walking around with unkempt hair shows that you don’t care about your physical health and people will like it at first sight. For most people, hair is the yardstick for judgment. Take a nice haircut, make a beautiful hairstyle and you’ll be fine.

12. Get Quality Watch

Watches are a way to add classiness to a dress. A badly designed wristwatch is a turn-off and has the ability to trump your entire dress or attire. A leather wristwatch suits people; however, wristwatch means for men and wristwatch for women. A quality wristwatch, no doubt, adds a classy taste to your dressing, giving you the look, you need to look like a rich person.



13. Always be Serious About your Skin Care

Oh, is that so! This is probably the most obvious way. Trust me, you can buy all the makeup products in the world today but one thing is certain, they do not cure bad skin. Rich people are often concerned about their skin and will pay any amount to buy the latest skincare products or visit a dermatologist. However, the truth is, skincare does not have to be so expensive.

You can get rid of wrinkled skin naturally by getting rid of some bad habits and adopting new methods like quitting smoking and drinking. Remember, your skin is often a reflection of your internal health. The healthier you are, the brighter you become. A good skin naturally makes you rich. Inner beauty and internal physical strength reflex by your face itself.

14. Home Bar


Liquor is quite expensive and people only buy them when they want to have fun for the weekend. You can make a little fancy bar at your house to give a feeling of wealth.


15. Be Civilized every time


Rich people don’t talk too much. And moreover, they raise the topics they talk about. Rich people are very stylish, yet they are cultured about what and how they talk. YouTube has amazing educational content, feast your eyes on them.


6. fix your teeth

The white, sparkling set of teeth reflects cleanliness and great self-care which are great signs of wealth. In the United States, one of the biggest giveaways that someone is poor is their teeth. At least you can go to a dentist and get a quote for the price on fixing a problem. Once you know, you can make it a goal and save towards the process. Wealthy people will pay to give a perfect set of teeth.

17. Attractive interesting Instagram

One thing you are probably noticing about rich people is that they take photos from various prevalent events and “garnish” their Instagram pages with pictures of various beautiful sciences. Want to have a rich aura? Try to do this. Instead of seeing your Instagram as a platform for how attractive you are, try to think of how you can turn it into a story book about your life. Even if you can’t afford to fly to far-off destinations, there may be cool things to do in your area that you haven’t discovered yet.

18. Do Cash an event

Remember, not everyone can afford the luxury of taking time off work and spending money on tickets to concerts. So, if you have the privilege of making a group of friends and your favorite artist or superstar poses for good photos playing in the background, it can make you a bit richer.

19. Maintain signature cologne or perfume

Nice fragrance. You have no excuse. If you want to look rich, you need to smell good. Your smell tells a lot about you. Obtaining a signature perfume or cologne that commands a beautiful personality is considered as wealthy.

  • Other ways to look rich –
  • A wonderful companion.
  • Keep your car clean.
  • Applied makeup should be like a pro.
  • A good pair of sunglasses will also add a nice touch.



  • Wear stylish scarves.
  • Wear weather appropriate clothes.
  • Break down your house.
  • Try to achieve something great. This naturally builds your confidence.
  • Love Yourself!

You are its people there! Some nice ways to look rich without breaking the bank. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of rupees to try to look rich, with these tips, you will change the way people see you and even the way you look. Then you see yourself. Have other suggestions? Feel free to leave them in the comments section. I will wait…

Just for you!

listen! Thanks for reading up to this point. I think you don’t need “dress-to-kill” to look rich. I have a lot of people who think that I am just a millionaire because I wear clothes like I am rich. And of course, when I say that I am rich like a dress, you will find a young man looking extraordinary in the latest Fendi or Versace. I hope to get them someday, but I can still see the bomb without those popular labels. As we move into the year 2020-21 measure yourself in these ways and make sure you decide in the areas that you can.

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Whether your dreams are small or have very high expectations, setting goals lets you plan how to move forward in life. It may take a lifetime to achieve some achievements, while others can be completed in a single day. Whether you are setting big, very important and broad goals or planning specific goals you can achieve, you will feel an achievement / achievement and self-worth. Getting started can be a chore, but you can move strongly towards the biggest dream.

2. Setting Achievable Goals & 1 Set Your Life Goals: Ask yourself some important questions about what you want from your life. What do you want to achieve: today, in a year, or in this whole life? The answers to these questions can be so simple as, “I want to be happy,” or “I want to help people.” [1] Consider what you will achieve in the next 10, 15, or 20 years from now. Let’s hope to do.

3. Doing your own business can be a career-related career goal. A fitness goal can be that you want to be fit. A personal goal may be to wish for one’s family one day in life. These goals can be very broad.



I want to eat at the dinner table twice a week

I want to apply to a new job once a week

I want to tell a family member that I appreciate them once a week

I want to ask for more responsibility

I want to prepare vegetables for every family meal that I cook

I want to ask someone I admire to coffee once a month to ask for advice



I want to learn how to code html

I want to start meditating for 10 minutes on the weekends

I want to learn basic Spanish for my vacation

I want to try hiking to see if I enjoy it

I want to start researching graduate schools

I want to skip dessert on weeknights

4. Break the big picture into smaller, more specific goals. Consider the areas in your life that you either want to change or you think you want to develop over time. These areas include: career, money, family, education, or health. Start questioning yourself what you would like to achieve in every field and how you would like to achieve them in the time limit of five years.

5. Life Goals For “I want to be fit”, you can create small goals like “I want to eat more healthy food” and “I want to run in a marathon.” Life goals “I start my own business “I want to learn how to effectively manage a business” and “I want to open an independent book store.”

6. Write down short-term goals: Now that you have a closer idea of what you want to achieve in the next few years, create tangible goals that begin to work for you. Give yourself a reasonable timeframe to do this (for short-term goals it should not exceed one year).

7. Writing down your goals will make it harder for you to ignore them, and as a result make you accountable to them. To become fit, your first goal may be to consume more vegetables and run 5 kilometers.

To open your own business, your first goal may be to take a bookkeeping class and find the right place for a bookstore.

8. Make your goals small steps that lead you to larger life goals. Basically, you need to decide why you are setting this goal for yourself and what it will bring. There are some good questions to ask yourself when making this: Does it sound profitable? Is now the right time for this? Does it match my needs

9. For example, where your short-term fitness goal may be to engage in a new sport for six months, ask yourself if this will help you in your larger goal of running a marathon. If not, consider turning your short-term goal into a goal that can prove to be a step towards your life goal.

10. Adjust your goals from time to time. You may have set yourself on the path to broader life goals, but take the time to reevaluate your smaller goals. Are you meeting them according to your deadline? Do you still need them to keep you on the path to your big goals? Give yourself the flexibility to adjust to your goals

11. To become fit, you may have mastered 5 km races. Perhaps after completing a few such races and improving your best times, you should adjust your goal from “running 5 kilometers” to “running 10 kilometers”. Finally, you can move on to “running a half marathon,” and then “running a marathon”.

12. After opening your business, taking your book keeping class and finding a place to set up, you can set new goals to take a business loan to buy a place and get the right license from your local government. After that, you can move on to buying (or leasing) that space, then you can move forward to get the required books, recruit staff, and open the business. Finally, you can move to open a book store elsewhere.

13. Practicing effective goal strategies & make your goals unique: When you are setting goals, those goals should include answers to very specific questions such as who, what, where, when, and why. For each specific goal that you are creating, you should ask yourself why it is a goal and how it will help you in the big goal of your life.

14. To become fit (which is very common), you have set a more specific goal of “running a marathon,” which starts with a short-term goal of running 5 kilometers. Each short set a short-term goal — such as running 5 kilometers — so you can answer these questions: Who? Me. Running 5 kilometers. where? In the local park. When? Within six weeks. Why? So that I can work towards the goal of running my marathon.

15. To open your business, you have short-term goals to “take a book-keeping class”. This may answer your question: who? Me. what? Taking a Book Keeping Class. where? in the library. When? Every Saturday for 5 weeks. Why? So that I can learn how to manage my business.

16. Create measurable goals: To gauge your progress, your goals must be measurable. Measuring “I’m going to walk more” is a lot harder than measuring “I’ll walk the track 16 times a day”. In fact, you should have some ways in which you can understand that you are reaching your goal.

17. Kilometer running is a measurable goal. You can definitely know that you have done it. You may also need to set more short-term goals such as a “run 3 kilometers at least three times a week” so that you can work towards your 5 km goal. After its first 5-kilometer run, a measurable goal would be “to complete the second 5-kilometer run within a month, but take 4 minutes less.”

18. Similarly, “taking a book keeping class” is a measurable task because it is a class of a specific subject in which you have only admitted to go every week. A less measurable version would be “Learning about Book Keeping,” which is unclear because it is difficult to know when you have “finished” learning about book keeping.

19. Be realistic about your goals: Honestly evaluating your situation and understanding which goals are realistic and which are slightly difficult are important. Ask yourself, that you have everything you need (skills, resources, time knowledge) to accomplish your goal.

20. To get fit and run a marathon, you need to spend a lot of time running. If you do not have the time or the interest to spend several hours each week to run, then this goal may be ineffective for you. If you find that this is so, then you can adjust your goal; There are many other ways of getting fit that do not require running for hours.

21. If you want to open your own independent book store but have no experience in running a business, you do not have the capital necessary to open a business, and you do not know how to run a book store, or If you are not really interested in reading, then you may not be successful in achieving your goal.

22. Set priorities: At any given time, you have many goals in different stages of perfection. Deciding which goals are more important than other goals or needed to be done quickly is very important, if you find yourself surrounded by too many goals, you will find yourself very overwhelmed / overwhelmed and you’re the probability of achieving the goal will also decrease.

23. Choosing some of the most important priorities can help you. This will help you to focus right in the event of a collision of goals. If it is a choice between accomplishing one or two very small goals and accomplishing one major goal, then you will know that you have to choose the major priority.

24. If you are working hard to become fit and have set small goals like “eating more healthily,” “running 5 kilometers,” and “swimming 3 days a week, 1 mile,” you may find that You do not have the time and energy to do it all at once. So you can set priorities; If you want to run a marathon, then running the first 5 kilometers can be more important than swimming every week.

25. You may want to continue eating well, as it is good for your overall health in addition to helping you run.

If you are trying to open your own book store, you may need to get a business license and ensure that you are looking for a business loan before you choose the specific books to store in your store. Be eligible (if you need it).

26. Keep track of your progress: Writing a journal is a great way to keep track of your personal and professional progress. It is very important to keep yourself encouraged and to keep you encouraged by acknowledging your progress towards a certain goal. It can even encourage you to work harder.

27. Where to keep yourself on the right track with a friend can be helpful in keeping you focused. For example, if you are training for a big race, then having a friend who meets you regularly and works with you will help you stay on your right path and keep a good record of your progress. Can do.

28. If you are getting fit while heading towards a marathon, keep a journal in which you record how far you have run, how long it took and how you felt. As you get more and more improved, your return to past times and seeing how far you have covered after starting can be a big reason for you to grow in confidence.

29. It can be more difficult to keep an eye on your progress in opening up your business, but to write down all your goals and sub-goals, and then cut or put them to the point that each of them is finished, you keep an eye on the work you have accomplished Can help keep. 

30. Assess your goals: Accept when you have achieved a goal and allow yourself to be happy accordingly. Use this time to assess the process of your goal — from beginning to end. Consider whether you were happy about the deadline, your skills, or whether the goal was appropriate.

31. For example, once you have completed your first 5-kilometer race, be thankful that you have accomplished one goal, even if it makes your bigger goals smaller than running a marathon.

32. Of course, when you open your independent book store and make the first sale to a customer and make the first sale, you will be happy, knowing that you have successfully achieved 7 goals towards your goal.

Continue setting goals: Once you have achieved the goal — whether it is a major life goal — you will want to continue to develop and set new goals for yourself.

33. Once you run the marathon, you should think about what you should do next. Do you want to run a second marathon, but improve your time? Do you want to diversify and try out a triathlon or an Ironman race? Or would you like to go back and run short races — 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers?

34. If you have opened your own independent book store, would you like to continue implementing community programs, such as book clubs or literacy education? Or would you like to earn more money? Would you like to open a store in more places or expand it by building a coffee shop inside or around your book store? Steps have been taken!


Use SMART (SMART) systems to create workable goals. SMART is a mnemonic (memory enhancing scripture / mnemonic) used by coaches, motivators, human resource departments, and teachers to identify, set, and achieve goals. The meaning of each letter of SMART is an adjective that describes how to set an effective goal. 

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Elegant and Unique Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

In this world, everybody has having his/her own ‘basic-body-shape’. And it is not in our hand, it is gifted by ‘Nature (the real mother) only. Nature sometimes plays tricks on us by gifting some people with an ideal body shape, while most get the features they don’t want. Most of us always dream of having a perfect body, with no unwanted fat around our thighs, waist or face. Still, there is a great army of girls who would give everything only to add a couple of pounds to desired areas. Luckily, our outfit choices can help us showcase our bodies the way we want them to be seen.

With pride, all we need to remember is that each of us represents an individual body shape, which requires an individual approach. And for you super skinny girls out there, you generally get lucky and have the most perfect fits from designer brands, as most designers love creating unique outfits for tiny proportions.

You can see a lot of fashion tips everywhere, but alas! Now here, I discuss over some most concluded fashion tips for skinny girls, who really want to look fascinating, without the need of gaining weight to fill out their wardrobe pieces-

  1. Never prefer Vertical Stripes-

If you are oversize then vertical stripes will be the best choice for you vertical stripes are the best choice for those who are oversize, then for skinny girls it is the worst choice. Vertical stripes tend to make your body longer and slimmer, thus concealing the extra pounds you have. But for skinny girls it is a major catastrophe. It will make you look even thinner. If you, nonetheless, prefer stripes, then choose horizontal ones, which will add some curves to your body and make you look less skinny.

  • By heart say no to ‘High Heels’-

It’s often seen, as in the case of vertical stripes, high heels will also give the same impression. By looking even taller than you really are, you will look like a straight geometrical line with no curves. Give preference to flats or boots, which will go with almost any type of outfit you choose. In case you choose an elegant cocktail dress that has no other way to be worn than with high heels, then choose a pair of shoes with tiny heels.

  • Say goodbye to Skinny Jeans-

It’s a nice thing that todays fashion is fully mixed fashion and it will never be stopped. Hence no matter what fashion experts tell us about trendy tight or skinny jeans, they still remain a bad choice for not only skinny girls but for the rest of us, as well. Doctors have proven that these pants actually bad for our health. They may be painful for full stomachs, for example, or high thighs. Besides they create a series of unwanted problems for women trying to conceive. In addition to the negative impacts of skinny jeans, they do not suit skinny girls at all, since they give the illusion that your legs start from your ears. So, try to choose straight cut wide-legged pants, classic pants or jeans which will have some extra room for your legs. Besides, you will feel more comfortable in them.

  • Always prefer Bright Colors-

You have fully freedom over here to, feel free to choose any color you like except for dark ones. Black, brown, grey or any shades of dark colors will make you look even slimmer. Pick any color of a rainbow. If you want to look wider, wear neutral colors and play with contrast. For example, team up light tops and dark bottoms or vice versa. Also play with prints and patterns. So give freedom to your imagination, and you will be likely to make the correct choice.

  • Re-enjoy your dreamed Childhood again-

You are so lucky that you can wear baby doll dresses. You will remember that back in your childhood you probably had different colors of baby-doll shaped dresses. Now it’s high time you got them back. Choose this type of dresses, and you will notice how your proportions will change. Choose one-colored dresses to avoid a fusion. They will add more curves to your body by making you look fuller and shorter.

  • Grab only Loose Sweaters

Loose sweaters will not outline your silhouette and will make you feel more confident. Add tights or a narrow skirt for a complete look.

  • Move towards Layering-

Layering a few pieces not only creates a more standout and fashion-forward look, but it also makes you look fuller. You can also play layering with a single garment.

  • Be aware, and never use belts, at Mid-Waist-

We all know that wearing a belt at the mid-waist area makes one look slimmer, so this is definitely not your accessory!

  •  Mostly use Scarves-

Do you know scarves are not only amazing fashion accessories that add elegance and femininity to a woman’s look, but they also make a slim girl look her best size? Everyone knows the power of this small accessory. It does miracles. Even a tiny dark dress can get a fresh look with a colored soft scarf. Scarves will make your neck look less long, and if they reach your bosom, they will look fuller, thus giving you a hot look.

Determined your thought Blindly by following my each of these style tips definitely, you will gain success, and your self-confidence will be up to the peek. Play with colors, take different textures, watch fashion shows and learn how to combine clothes. Work correctly and you will soon notice the switch from a skinny girl to an elegant lady more than others.

I have given the best simple and unique tips to you. Would you like to prefer it please, tell us in the comment section below and if you wish to know something more or else regarding latest fashion, mention it also in comment section.

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It is always seen many women, worry about their belly areas. Being a man actually I also like it, even generally maximum men like it because it is natural, (not created by Gym, surgery etc.). According to an experiment that Mail Online conducted, men love a small female belly. They find it more natural and beautiful than abs, I mean it. Nevertheless, I know that if you still want to hide your belly under your clothes, you should do it in a smart way, otherwise, there is a chance that you will make it look more than bigger.

Bright Side wants to show you a list of recommendations to help you hide your belly and side fat underneath your clothes. Take a look at the mistakes which are often committed by healthy women you should avoid while choosing clothes to look better. Be sure to read the entire article to see the bonus recommendation at the end.

  1. Choose soft fitted clothes over loose ones:

Always choose single color choice. Dark colors really make you look more fit but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear pastel colors. You can wear beige, cream, pistachio, and pale-pink colors. But the cut of the clothes is really the most important thing.

Tight clothes only highlight the imperfections of your shape. It’s better to wear layers without highlighting the waist and the hips. You can just wear elements of the same color.

2. Clothes should be in vertical stripes, pay attention to it:


Vertical ornaments, patterns, and stripes make you look taller and more fit. But you should also consider the width of the stripes and their frequency.

 Wide stripes can make you visually bigger, so choose clothes with narrow and frequent stripes.

If you feel like a dress with stripes is too much, choose dresses or cardigans of such a color. Great options are black and white or white-blue colors

3. Deprive the appearances and highlight a different part of your body:

To switch attention from the belly, you can highlight the breasts. Simple but interesting clothes without deep cleavage are black dresses, classic pants, blouses, and pencil skirts.

Those who have beautiful legs should make them their thing. This doesn’t necessarily mean to wear a flashy mini, but you can wear skirts or dresses that are a little higher than the knee or you can put on leggings

4. Choose clothes a maxi length or little longer the knee:

When it comes to dresses, you can choose clothes with a straight cut. Big flowers like the one in the photo are a great choice.

This is an example of a tight dress that highlights the problem area. The attempt to hide it with draping is not successful.

A great way to hide the belly is to wear a trapezoidal dress without any tight spots. High-waisted dresses are a good option too. This way, you can wear more than just dark dresses, but you can wear more interesting things as well.

5. Use single color blouses and shirts:

One-color blouses and shirts won’t only let you wear something more interesting in the office, but they’re also a great option for a fun weekend out if you pick the right patterns.

6. Always wear loose tops, T-shirts, and tunics:

A loose piece of clothing on the top is a great choice if you don’t want to show your belly.

 It’s important not to be too extreme by wearing something a couple sizes too big. This is a popular mistake that only makes the body look bigger.

An open jacket will finish the better outfit.

7. The rise of the pants:

A high-rise will make the line from the waist to the hips smooth. The sides won’t be visible. Classic black or simple dark pants made of thick fabric can be the basic thing that holds the outfit together.

8. Totally Forget about low-rise jeans:

Straight jeans with a high rise are good for you. But you should be very careful when choosing a belt: If it’s too massive with a big buckle, it will ruin your look because it will attract attention to the belly area. That would be the opposite of what you want.

9. Wear skirts too:

A pencil skirt made of thick fabric or a dark color with high-heeled shoes is another secret of how to make problem areas less prominent.

 A slightly flared skirt can be an alternative to a pencil skin. When choosing something like this, you can get a bright color. Of course, this skirt must have a high rise.

10. Sometimes Wear cardigans:

A cardigan is a universal piece of clothing. It goes well with pants, jeans, skirts, and dresses. It will create the vertical line that will straighten your body.

Knitted cardigans are best worn open, buttoning it around the spot where the belly is most prominent. The cardigans that have big pockets are not a good choice because they will make you look bigger.

Secret and most personal genuine tips for you only:

To go out, you may need special compressive underclothes that hide the flaws of the body. Using this special underwear, you will look more fit. Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian, Emily Blunt, Tyra Banks, Lea Michele, Anne Hathaway, Lena Dunham, Adele and many other celebrities love this underwear.

This is a great example of how compressive underwear transforms the shape. Only the beautiful curves of the shape are visible. Such underwear is really great for special occasions.

I have given the best simple and unique tips to you. Would you like to prefer it please, tell us in the comment section below and if you wish to know something more or else regarding latest fashion, mention it also in comment section.

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Article by 

 Aakesh Aainan

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