How to Start a Blog in 2021 & Make $10000/Mon [Step by Step]

Need to begin a blog and make a vocation as a blogger?

No doubt! It’s feasible to do both simultaneously!

All things considered, What’s superior to following your enthusiasm and making automated revenue along.

From the most recent 7-8 years,  lifestylewithAakeshAainan has helped a large number of clients like you to begin your very own blog.

Individuals begin contributing to a blog for some reasons, and probably the most famous once are:

Sharing the new learnings

Reporting your contemplations

Easy revenue and bringing in cash

Free devices and stuff for survey

Free travel

Or on the other hand some other.

Yours’s could be one of the abovementioned, or some different reasons, in any case, writing for a blog could assist you with accomplishing your objective.

Along these lines, immediately, how about we figure out how you can begin a blog today.

A couple of things:

This is a point by point control with some hypothesis and down to earth information. A touch of perusing, and a touch of following strides to begin your blog.

This is only one thing you need before we start:

The name of your area.

Note: You can generally change your area name later on in the event that you like.

In this guide, you will discover answers to every one of these inquiries and will actually want to begin a blog.

Here are the means to begin a blog:

Stage 1: Picking the blog point

Stage 2: Select the contributing to a blog stage

Stage 3: Pick an area name and facilitating for your blog

Stage 4: Install WordPress on the blog (Tutorial is given beneath)

Stage 5: Setup the plan of the blog

Stage 6: Install the best WordPress modules

Stage 7: Write your first blog entry

Stage 8: Share your writeup with the world

Stage 9: Monetize your blog

Stage 10: Drive traffic and acquire openness

Note: To make it simpler for you to make a move, I’m recommending just those alternatives as far as stage, facilitating which are working for everybody.

Page Contents

Instructions to Start A Blog From Scratch and with No Experience

Stage 1: Select the Blogging Platform

Stage 2: What your blog is about? (Specialty)

Stage 3: Pick a Blog name and area name for your blog

Stage 4: Picking the facilitating to begin the blog:

Stage 5: Set up your blog

Stage 6: Design of your blog

Stage 7: WordPress modules

Stage 8: Plan your substance

Stage 9: Writing your first Blog post

Stage 10: Add significant pages on your blog

Stage 11: Driving traffic to your Blog

Stage 12: Getting social

Presently, Make cash from writing for a blog in simple advances

What Else you need to arrive at a higher degree of Blogging:

FAQ about beginning a blog?

Step by step instructions to Start A Blog From Scratch and with No Experience

This blog creation manage is made for clients like you who are simply beginning and knows a little or nothing about publishing content to a blog.

Inside the following couple of moments, you will have your blog ready for action.

Stage 1: Select the Blogging Platform

The primary answer you ought to have is, the place where would it be a good idea for you to make your blog?

There are many publishing content to a blog stages out there, and individuals have various feelings about every one of them.

The greater part of the Bloggers begin contributing to a blog on the WordPress stage.

WordPress is well known in light of the fact that it’s not difficult to utilize.

Here is a fascinating truth: 37% of the sites on the planet is controlled by WordPress.

Whenever you have crossed the testing period, you are prepared to accomplish something more significant. Get a WordPress blog, and don’t mistake yourself for and self-facilitated WordPress – blog.

A self-facilitated WordPress blog ( is the thing that you need.

Peruse: Best Blogging stages analyzed

Stage 2: What your blog is about? (Specialty)

The absolute first thing you need to do is discover the specialty of your blog. By specialty, I mean discovering a subject that your blog will be about.

I trust you don’t plan to blog about each irregular thing and bring in cash. This doesn’t work in 2021 and your odds of accomplishment are better when you blog on a solitary subject.

You may be a handyman, and need to begin a blog on numerous themes, yet it won’t be productive, as individuals like to buy in to a blog, which is an expert on a specific subject.

Additionally, Google which is the greatest web index lean towards a site which is based on a solitary theme. For instance,  lifestylewithAakeshAainan subject is “contributing to a blog,” and that is the means by which you discovered us.

Presently, the central issue is

how to discover the subject of your blog?

Here are a couple of tips that will assist you with beginning:

Discover a subject that you know better compared to any other person. It doesn’t need to be the work you are doing, and it very well may be anything. Attempt to consider the point that you generally prefer to discuss, and you can serenely discuss it for quite a long time.

The smart thought is to pick a subject that you as a rule read about. The point which you read pretty much constantly is something that intrigues you.

Likewise, ensure you have a distinct fascination for a specific theme, and you can add esteems with your own understanding.

For beginners, I generally prescribe to take the assistance of pen-paper and record the points in various segments that you like. For ex: Motivation, Fashion, Technology, Finance, Photography, Scientific exploration, BayCare, medical care, etc. Presently, attempt to compose 5 post thoughts for those various sections. At the point when you are composing the post title, consider what you can compose without taking reference. Before the finish of the fifth article, it will assist you with discovering the point (Niche) that you like the most.

This is a basic advance prior to beginning a blog, as it will assist you with picking a theme that you are generally enthusiastic about.

This will guarantee that you won’t wear out when your blog goes live.

In the event that you are picking a subject that you like to discuss and expound on, it will guarantee that your copy out period won’t ever come. Along these lines, I accept you have chosen the specialty for your blog which can bring in some cash for you.

How to pick a specialty of your new blog?

Single Topic versus Multi-Topic Blog: Which is Better and Why?

End Selecting the fitting specialty is the first and the main advance for beginning another blog.

Stage 3: Pick a Blog name and area name for your blog

Space Name:

There are 4 standards that I as a rule follow when picking an area name:

Simple to recall

Simple to type

Simple to articulate.

Simple to brandable

A space name is the URL of a blog which a guest will use to open a blog.

For instance;

A custom area name resembles, for which we need to pay $15/year. Be that as it may, I have shared a stunt underneath which will help you save this $12 on space buy.

Presently, there are a couple of rules which will assist you with picking the best name for your new blog. Here are a portion of the tips from my experience:

Like .com space name above all the other things.

Your space name ought to be not difficult to articulate and simple to type.

Ensure your space name ought not be confounding to the audience.

You can utilize Bluehost space idea highlight to check if your area name is accessible or not. Basically enter any word that you have picked for your blog and it will likewise show you accessible space name ideas.

Name of your blog significant as I would see it. You can likewise have an area name under your own name, and its incredible for individual portfolio or in the event that you wanting to make yourself a brand.

Notwithstanding, I lean toward having a nonexclusive name so that in future I could have individuals running it, and I could appreciate the advantage of solopreneur ship.

My idea is to be imaginative and adhere to the four standards I shared previously. Here are a couple of things you ought not do while choosing the area name for your new blog:

Try not to utilize area augmentation like .data, .net, etc, on the grounds that they will in general position terrible in Search motors. I generally like and recommend to utilize an area name augmentation like .com or .organization.

Proposed read:

Step by step instructions to choose an extraordinary area name for your business

Stage 4: Picking the facilitating to begin the blog:

Presently, let us construct our blog on a facilitating.

Web-facilitating is the place where WordPress will be introduced. This is a worker which stays online 24*7 and all your future blog pictures, your blog plan and all that will be put away on this worker (facilitating).

That is the means by which your site will be fully operational 24*7.

The beneficial thing is, hostings are modest.

There are a lot of facilitating specialist co-ops yet for your blog:

Bluehost is the idlest decision as it offers all you require to make a blog. Highlights like:

Free SSL

Limitless transmission capacity

Limitless capacity

Free space name (Saving of $15/year)

Simple to utilize cPanel.

Live talk support

30 days unconditional promise

Also, the most awesome thing, it just expense $2.95/month

Get Bluehost facilitating for uncommon cost

Here is the manner by which to get it:

Head over to

Snap on Get begun now


Select the Basic arrangement in the event that you need to begin one blog or Plus arrangement on the off chance that you need to begin more than one blog.

Bluehost Plans

On the following page, you can guarantee your free space name. On the off chance that you are yet not prepared with your space name, you can tap on Choose later.

Bluehost Signup

On the following page, top off your contact data. Give extraordinary consideration to bundle additional items as you can skirt a couple of things to set aside some cash.

Bluehost Package

Bluehost Pricing: Which Plan Is Best for Your Site? (2021)

Aside from Domain Privacy Protection, uncheck everything.

Under the installment data, you can pay through credit/charge card or in the event that you need to pay by means of PayPal, you can tap on More installment choices.

Bluehost Payment

Does Bluehost Offer Monthly Payment? (Must-Know Facts!)

Whenever you have made the installment, Bluehost will likewise make your blog in next 10 minutes. This will be done naturally and saves a great deal of problems for amateurs who simply need an instant blog.

On the off chance that you like to learn by watching recordings, here are two recordings that will help:

Presently, watch beneath video to find out about purchasing facilitating and space name:

Here is the cool part:

Whenever you are finished purchasing facilitating + space name, Bluehost will naturally introduce the WordPress programming on your area name.

That implies your blog is introduced and now comes the cool stuff which is something each novice blogger appreciates.

Be that as it may, before we arrive, examine this speedy video to see how you ought to utilize Bluehost dashboard:

Stage 5: Set up your blog

The best thing about Bluehost (as you find in the above video) is, it will naturally introduce the blog for you. In any case, you are not done, as you need to finish a couple of things before you will compose your first blog entry

To fire setting up your blog for marking and make it great, I have shared a few aides which you can allude to begin:

Figure out how to set up a WordPress blog interestingly.

Stage 6: Design of your blog

Publishing content to a blog stage? Check!

Blog specialty? Check!

Area name? Check!

“The initial feeling is the last impression”, that is the mantra we follow for a blog.

Blog configuration is the main part of your blog in light of the fact that a decent plan will guarantee that your guests will adore your blog. Indeed, that is the means by which your perusers will recollect your blog. Envision your blog plan as you with a pleasant outfit.

In WordPress, there is an idea called “WordPress subjects”. These are instant plans that are accessible for a wide range of blog.

There are numerous Free and premium WordPress subjects out there. I generally prescribe to go for a top notch subject since you will get all the help and starter direct, and also, you will have a quality plan for your blog.

Here are not difficult to utilize present day subject clubs which I would prescribe you to begin with.

Current Theme

Tips to Choose Perfect Theme for Your WordPress Blog or Website

Astra subject: This is a lightweight topic which offers the layout for all sort of online journals. When you introduce this topic, you can pick from the instant format and your blog configuration will be prepared inside 30-45 minutes. This is an ideal ally for any new WordPress blog. You can peruse Astra survey to learn everything about this flexible topic.

Beginning: This is a standout amongst other subject structures out there. I utilize this for LifstylewithAakeshAainon. You need to purchase the topic, and skin to make it appropriate for you.

Peruse: How to Install a WordPress subject

There are a lot more superior WordPress topic clubs out there, however I suggest any of the over two for an expert beginning.

Stage 7: WordPress modules

There are a large number of WordPress modules out there. Beneath I have referenced just those modules which you ought to introduce from the very beginning.

Peruse this instructional exercise to figure out how to introduce a WordPress module.

Here are modules which you ought to have on your recently made WordPress blog:

Yoast SEO


Jetpack by

You can discover a rundown of best WordPress modules here.

There are a lot more modules, yet the above modules will guarantee that you have every one of the fundamentals module introduced on your blog.

On the off chance that you have followed, every one of the means as of not long ago, your blog is up and prepared.

Presently, comes the part which you ought to do throughout the timeframe and that is adding new substance.

Stage 8: Plan your substance

Before you begin composing your first blog entry, you should make a substance arrangement.

You can utilize a dominate or utilize a Trello board. Here is a free Trello content arranging board that you could utilize.

Content arranging board

This Trello board additionally accompanies an agenda to assist you with composing the ideal article. Snap on additional on the correct sidebar and snap on duplicate board.

In the article thoughts, record all the substance that you could compose. You can likewise make a layout of the substance in the event that you like.

It’s a smart thought to do this at a time and next time you can begin composing your substance (each in turn).

Stage 9: Writing your first Blog post

Presently, this is the place where the genuine fun starts, composing your first article.

Here are the rules to assist you with choosing what be the issue here.

I will share a portion of the articles connect underneath to kick you off, however here are not many tips which will guarantee you don’t commit errors an amateur normally makes:

At the point when you are composing your substance, envision there is an individual sitting close to you, and you are conversing with the individual. Write in the principal individual tone, in light of the fact that there is a solitary individual who is perusing your blog. For instance, you are perusing this blog entry alone. That is the reason you may see, my tone is “I” and “You”.

Your substance should cover every one of the parts of the subject you are expounding on. Go ahead and compose 1000+ words.

Try not to duplicate pictures from Google. Maybe utilize these destinations to download allowed to utilize pictures.

You can likewise insert recordings from YouTube. Here is an instructional exercise on the most proficient method to do that.

On the off chance that you wanna avoid the overall group and level up your publishing content to a blog game, then, at that point read my guide on SEO copywriting. This will guarantee whatever you will compose will help you drive incredible traffic from web crawlers.

Stage 10: Add significant pages on your blog

Here are a portion of the significant pages, which you ought to have on your blog. You can add them throughout the following not many weeks…

About page: Contains insight regarding your blog, and you.

Contact page: A page with a contact structure. You can utilize free contact structure 7 or Jetpack contact structure highlight to make a contact structure on WordPress.

Media unit page: You needn’t bother with it now, yet you should think about it. This page is the place where you will expound on your blog traffic and accessible publicizing alternatives.

Protection strategy page

Disclaimer page

Exposure page

Terms and conditions

Stage 11: Driving traffic to your Blog

Along these lines, you have the situation taken care of and your first blog entry is live.

Presently, the subsequent stage is to driving traffic.

Follow the means referenced here and that will assist your blog with being noticeable in Google search.

Presently, there are numerous procedures that you can use to get traffic to your recently made blog.

The most effective method to Promote Your Blog (12+ Actionable Blog Promotion Techniques).

Stage 12: Getting social

Whenever you have set up your blog, create your blog social so your perusers can join your local area.

You simply need to begin and no compelling reason to pressure, as again I’m here to direct you with the best assets.

To get social with your blog, you need a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account.

Here are assets, which will assist you with beginning here.

Instructions to make Facebook FanPage for your Blog

Instructions to make a Twitter profile

Instructions to frame a local area out of your blog

Presently, Make cash from contributing to a blog in simple advances

Bring in cash publishing content to a blog

There are numerous ways by which your blog can acquire easy revenue for you.

Here are the absolute most mainstream ways:

Google AdSense

Partner promoting

Supported substance (Get paid for expounding on others)

Amazon partner program

Direct advertisement deals

Own advanced items like eBooks, Online course

I have covered every one of these parts of contributing to a blog cash in this selective article: How to bring in cash writing for a blog

What Else you need to arrive at a higher degree of Blogging:

Learn SEO to drive free traffic

Website optimization is a high level subject and it’s difficult to finish it in a solitary article. Numerous novices do whatever it takes not to focus on website streamlining, and it’s a serious mix-up.

Site improvement assists you with driving focused on traffic from natural inquiry, which thusly gets more cash-flow for you. There are three center pieces of SEO:

On page SEO: Your substance quality, Keyword situation, and different elements.

On location SEO: Crawling, ordering of your site.

Off-Site SEO: Backlinks from different locales.

With the development of SEO, I might likewise want to add two more here:

Social signs: Social media assumes an extraordinary part in improving your blog positioning. Google in addition to is demonstrated to be the best interpersonal interaction site to improve positioning.

Client experience: New Search motor improvement is tied in with giving an extraordinary client experience. A portion of the critical part of good client experience: Navigation, webpage stacking, web composition, lucidness, etc.

Here several articles, which you should peruse to find out about SEO:

Catchphrase research for fakers utilizing the Google Keyword device

The most effective method to Write SEO Friendly Content

What is a backlink for SEO

Getting traffic to your blog

On the off chance that you have done everything as referenced above, you will begin getting natural and traffic from web-based media locales. Presently, here I’m sharing a portion of the chose presents on help you drive more traffic to your site. Do recollect, directed traffic gets more cash-flow.

10 different ways to drive traffic from gatherings to your blog

The most effective method to drive natural traffic to your blog

Readership and improving your blog

One significant contrast between a typical blog and a decent blog is the enumerating.

A-rundown blogger typically deals with each little detail to guarantee that clients buy in to his blog, and love to be a piece of it. This is the thing that we call transforming one time guests into perusers. Here are a portion of the development and less talked methods to take your blog to a higher level:

Instructions to get more blog perusers and keep them

Why nobody is perusing your blog and how to make them read

In the realm of writing for a blog, we generally wish that there was somebody who can direct us directly from the scratched when we start another blog.

While that may not be conceivable yet there are a lot of assets accessible. Join the gathering and discussions identified with contributing to a blog and set up your questions, there are a large number of individuals out there to take care of you.

FAQ about beginning a blog?

⭐️How do amateur websites bring in cash?

Amateur sites can begin with promotion networks like AdSense, and subsidiary showcasing to bring in cash.

⭐️How numerous posts would it be advisable for you to post day by day?

The thought is to be ordinary with posting. You can target one post a day and in the event that you are making long-structure content (more than 2200 words in addition to), even 3-4 seven days is an extraordinary number.

⭐️When would it be advisable for you to begin putting promotions on your blog?

It relies upon what sort of promotions you need to put. Look at bring in cash contributing to a blog manual for understanding different choices you have.

You should peruse our prior control on when should I begin utilizing Ads on my blog.

What inquiries to pose prior to beginning a blog?

Where would it be advisable for you to begin a blog? (Stage for contributing to a blog)

What inquiries to pose prior to beginning a blog?

Where would it be a good idea for you to begin a blog? (Stage for publishing content to a blog)

What specialty you should pick? (Blog subject)

What ought to be the name of your blog space?

How to purchase the space name?

Where would it be advisable for you to have your blog?

How to purchase facilitating for your space name?

How to introduce your blog on the space name?

Plan of your blog

Fundamental components to make your blog sparkle

Instructions to compose the main blog entry

Welcome to the universe of Blogging!

I attempted to cover however much I could for a beginner to begin, yet in the event that you actually have an inquiry in your brain prior to beginning your new blog on WordPress, go ahead and give us a yell by means of remark.

Do share this beginning a blog manage with other people who needed to make a blog for quite a while.

Divulgence: This post may contain partner joins, which implies we may get a commission on the off chance that you click a connection and buy something that we suggested. Peruse more about Affiliate divulgence here.

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