BE AWARE OFF SMARTPHONES…damaging your face beauty.

 Do you also have a smartphone addiction ? Must Watch and Read it –

The whole world is worried that people here are getting addicted to these gadgets. In such a situation, you need to focus on yourself…

In this era of technology, we want to walk with the world, but do we also want to make it a habit? From home to office, the smartphone is playing in our hands or say that we are playing his hands. The whole world is worried that people here are getting addicted to these gadgets. In such a situation, you need to focus on yourself…

In the morning and evening in the house, the mother keeps on saying that her daughter leaves his mobile and wants to do other work, but the child ignores it. A similar story is also of Robert, but he has taken steps at the right time to save himself from getting accustomed to this habit. Robert has been working as a technical writer for the last 11 years, but now he is determined that he will set his boundaries with technology. Robert explains, “Now I want to use the smartphone by making my own rules and will not allow myself to be a toy in the hands of the smartphone.”

3 / – He explains, ‘I used to use my phone from 6 am to 11:30 pm. I had to travel for two hours to reach my office, I used to use this time to read or watch something. I rely mostly on Google Docs and other apps for my work. I use these apps to send sheets and other documents to my clients.

4 / – There was a time when I started sleeping with my phone. I keep getting notifications late at night, sometimes even till 02:30 pm. ‘ Due to these reasons, Shinde always has to be connected to his phone. A recent study has found that excessive use of smartphones or gadgets has become an issue related to people of every profession and all ages in the world.

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5 / – Do not overdo hobbies and needs :-

Those who are fond of gadgets also start counting the reasons for this habit, but surveys and research are being done about this problem all over the world. The newspaper Art Company presented the report based on a research and said that on an average, an average person spends 5-5 hours a day on apps. His mobile has 78 apps, out of which he uses 48 in a month. Apart from this, between 2015-17, American downloaded three times more apps. In a new study led by a team of California University, it came to the fore about the information that students check their phones 150 times in a day due to the concern about the phone being lost or related.

6 / – Doctor is also taken aback by the situation :-

It is not that there is only discussion about it. Psychiatrists themselves are also concerned about this habit of people. Psychiatrist Dr. Smiths is surprised about this habit that many people know that he is addicted to gadgets. Smith says, “One day while traveling in a car, I saw a mother and child crossing the road and both of them were on their mobile phones.”

7 / – Social Media Addiction: Are you a victim of FOMO ? :-

Social media has become an important part of our life. We keep collecting ideas in the brain so that we can upload them on social media. Everything in our life becomes for social media.

Do you remember any day in the last few weeks when you have not signed in on Facebook or Twitter? If the internet slows down or the internet does not work for some time, then it becomes difficult for you to spend time. You always feel the need to be online. You always want to stay connected. It can be called an addiction

8 / – peeping on own Facebook in every five minutes :-

People are constantly uploading on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. But if you keep checking these updates constantly. You try not to miss any updates, then you may be a victim of FOMO.

9 / – Photo of food before meal :-

Whether you are cooking or eating in a restaurant, you cannot eat food without taking pictures of the food. You definitely upload those photos on Facebook, Twitter or any other social site.

10 / -If the phone leaves the house :-

By mistake, you have left the phone at home and there can be no greater ‘sorrow’ for you than this. As soon as you find out that the phone has gone home, you become a victim of nervous breakdown. It is also a sign of nomophobia (fear of not being called) along with FOMO You get caught up in the unnecessary competition with your friends.

Want every information about friends :-

You see your friends’ updates on social media and then want to do something similar. You want to compete with them. Who pulls a better selfie, who goes to which restaurant?

11 / – You want to participate in every activity and event :-

You have made a plan for the weekend. Meanwhile, another invitation comes to you. You can’t refuse it and in the end you both say yes. You believe in YOLO (you only live once). And this increases your fear of missing things.

She says, ‘You can leave the house without your keys or go for a workout without a water bottle, but how many of you are there who will leave their own house without their phones? ‘She told that she has treated many people, who were addicted to smartphones and gadgets.

12 / – Identify habits :-

If a member of your family is also addicted to technology, then you should know about their habit. Dr. Manoj Sharma says that four to five cases come to his clinic every week. Most patients are aged between 16 and 20 years. He explains, “When you get used to these smartphones, you are constantly online.”

In this way control yourself

Be the first to control yourself.

Try to keep yourself away from activities related to gadgets.

Plan time to stay away from the phone.

Spend time with family and friends.

Use your phone only when necessary.

Instead of being online all day, stay online only during work.

Go on the walk to keep yourself relaxed.

Put your mind in such other works, in which you find happiness.

Learn how to bring your beauty

Loss your favorite smartphone, these are the ways to avoid

13 / – side effects of smartphones :-

What you do not do to keep your skin beautiful, sometimes parlor or sometimes expensive beauty cream, try every recipe that promises to keep your skin glowing and glowing. But do you know who is going to spoil your hard work by becoming your friend – unknowingly. After all, who is he who is secretly stealing the color of your face? Yes, and that is your favorite smartphone. Let us know how your smartphone is harming your skin and by doing so the side effects of the smartphone can be avoided.

14 / – Stiffness in the neck due to waking up all night and talking on the phone is due to the mobile phone. Not only this, smartphone addition can also be harmful to your health.

When you have a long conversation with someone, the heat you feel on your cheek, that heat also damages your skin a lot.

According to a study, the blue light of the mobile damages your skin as much as the sun’s UV rays.


15 / – Radiation exposure due to blue light can also cause hyper pigmentation and dark spots on your skin. Due to which skin starts appearing patchy from place to place.

Dermatologists also believe that continuous messages on the phone will cause premature lines on your forehead and wrinkles on your eyes.

Pimples can occur on your face due to mobile phones as they are the home of many types of microbes.

How to avoid the side effects of smartphone-

16 / – Try to use hands-free device to talk on the phone most of the time. By doing this the skin does not come into direct contact with the phone.

Always clean your phone daily. This can protect the skin from harmful microbes that grow on the mobile screen.

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Follow these home remedies :-

Massage around the eyes with almond oil for 15 minutes with a light hand. After this, wet the cotton ball lightly and wipe it under the eyes.

17 / – Mix equal quantity of potato juice with cucumber juice and apply under your eyes for 20 minutes daily. By doing this, the dark circles under the eyes are reduced.

To cure black spots and skin, grind almonds with curd and a pinch of turmeric and prepare its paste. Apply this paste on the black spots of your face and your eyes. After drying, wash it with ordinary water

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