You probably know how important protein is to your body. It helps to keep your muscles strong and healthy. It fights hunger better than fat and carbohydrates. But not only that, protein  

In fact, every single cell in our body is made up of protein and hence protein is one of the important nutrients that the body needs in sufficient quantity daily. A healthy person needs to consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of his body weight every day.

If you are still wondering what else is the work of protein in the body, then here we are telling you why protein is important for everyone. Also, how can you get enough protein according to your body every day, for this we are also telling you the sources of protein-

  1. Help with tissue and cells repair:

The body’s tissue and cells need to be repaired after day-to-day activities such as workouts and for this the body needs protein. Protein also helps to heal wounds and keep skin and organs healthy after an injury.

  • Development of body:

Our body requires protein for the growth and maintenance of tissue. Under normal circumstances, the body breaks down the same amount of protein that it uses in tissue formation and repair. Protein helps in the development of every part of the body.

  • Makes antibodies:

Protein helps in building antibodies to help the body fight infections and diseases. Antibodies are proteins found in the blood that help protect your body from harmful attackers such as bacteria and viruses.

  • Builds Muscles:

Protein acts as a building block for muscles. Protein plays an important role in building bones, muscles, cartilage and skin. Even the majority of your hair and nails are made up of protein. That is why people who do workouts to make muscles are advised to take protein supplements so that their body can repair and build muscles after the workout.

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  • Helps in hair growth:


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Protein is very important in hair growth. Our hair follicles, strands, and tissues are made of protein. If your hair is damaged and their growth has stopped, then you need to take protein treatment for your hair.

  • How to supply protein:

Here are some of the foods that you can use to meet the lack of protein in your body-

            Focus:- Peanut butter, Lentils and Beans, Grams and beans, Nuts and dry fruits, Oats, Milk, Egg, Greek yogurt, Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds, cottage cheese

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